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Only in East Tennessee will a guy from India named Bobby serve you Cajun style boiled peanuts and pickled pigs’ feet.

15 Responses to “Diversity”

  1. Steve in TN (@sdo1) Says:

    In Nashville the guy would be a Kurd.

  2. Joe Allen Says:

    Nope. I’ve had both – he can try and serve them to me, but it ain’t happening.

  3. Old NFO Says:

    If it’s good, who cares??? 🙂

  4. bigcatdaddy Says:

    In Georgia it’s a Vietnamese named Petey, his brother Vinnie is cooking and his other brother Louie is running the register! Good bourbon chicken though.

  5. PawPaw Says:

    There are NO cajun-style boiled peanuts. Boiled peanuts are Georgia and north Alabama. And, they suck. Take it from a real Cajun. There are no boiled peanuts in south Louisiana. It’s cracklins and boudin down here.

  6. John Smith. Says:

    Could also be a Somali in Nashville serving Goat Burgers… Lot of them on murfreesboro pike… Lived on Plus Park…

  7. SaintsWillWIn Says:

    I tried boiled peanuts once; I would rather gargle witgh PineSol!!

  8. Beaumont Says:

    What Cajun place is this? Surely not Bayou Bay.

  9. Bill Says:

    Boiled peanuts live on in South Carolina, and in a little place in a town in Western Washington, north of Bellevue called Snohomish.

    Properly done, they are a wonderful treat, but overdone, its like eating slimy peanut butter.

    They are best eaten fresh from the pot, well salted.

  10. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Yeah, they have to be fresh; they don’t keep, bleh.

  11. Mockingbird Says:

    I love the boiled peanuts, but I eat a little higher on the hog-ham and ribs. I’m able to afford it because I went to the Graduate School of Economics at UT Knoxville.

  12. Jerry Says:

    Whooda thunkit:

  13. Bram Says:

    In Louisiana, he would be the Governor.

  14. Lance R. Peak Says:

    Dammit PawPaw, now I’m craving cracklins but I’m seven hours away from the Best Stop!

  15. bigcatdaddy Says:

    In Lake Charles, we like our peanuts roasted, and sometimes dried shrimp with our beer. Sigh, wished I still lived in the Great State of La.

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