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On training

There’s good training and bad training. When I’m critical of a prominent firearms instructor putting photographers down range, I’m not anti-training. I’m anti-putting photographers down range. When I point out that a MMA fighter breaking a soccer mom’s rib might be something unnecessarily dangerous, I’m not anti-training. I’m anti-unnecessary danger. Apparently, this makes me a pussy* and mediocre. As though there’s this binary relationship where you are to train dangerously or for competition; or you are anti-training. That’s a load.

I’m glad that A Girl and Her Gun is learning the various methods of self-defense and good for her for doing that. Seriously, that’s awesome. But be careful out there.

* I’m picking on Jennifer, who didn’t actually call me a pussy. But I will note: Iíve lost count of the number of car accidents Iíve been in. I haven’t lost count of mine. I’ve been in exactly zero. And I don’t live in a risk-free world. I drive fast. Also, I have jumped out of buildings and off of other structures 378 times. I don’t live in a bubble and no one should.

53 Responses to “On training”

  1. Beaumont Says:

    @Martini: I’m still wondering about that one too.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    I’m hurt already so I avoid walking-into that kinda thing – also I’m too old for shit like that, so I train for being an old semi-invalid with a bum elbow and bad foot who panics semi-leisurely and shoots attackers from the safety of a bar-stool. Like Han Solo.
    I train to drop $40 magazines on the deck and try to not slip-n-slide on them, and especially not to bend-over and pick ’em up in the middle of shooting..

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    But as for “girls” and football, the word and features of the game depend on the country of origin… During my first week at College I was stopped dead in my tracks by the awesome sight of a 6-foot five-inch tall Uber-Amazon wearing a t-shirt (and wearing it well!) that said, “Rugby Players Eat Their Dead.”
    I came from a Sports background, but had no doubt whatsoever that SHE could best me (and most other College twig-boys) in most games of speed and force.

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