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85 mile per hour speed limits

God bless Texas

7 Responses to “85 mile per hour speed limits”

  1. PawPaw Says:

    If you’ve ever tried to drive across Texas, you know that 85 MPH ain’t unreasonable. It would still take over 10 hours if you were doing 85 the whole time.

  2. Huck Says:

    I hear ya PawPaw. I first drove across Texas in 1974, when the speed limit was 55MPH. And at that speed it was’nt a trip, it was a career! While I like Texas, it seemed like I was never going to get across it.

  3. ctr Says:

    When the speed limits hit 88 miles per hour….

  4. Jeff Says:

    There are chunks of the 15 in UT that are 85. Its a beautiful thing.

  5. Seerak Says:

    There are chunks of the 15 in UT that are 85. Its a beautiful thing.

    Not when you drive a car that can’t get over 80 without a stiff tailwind 😛 I missed my old S2k bad when I went through those 80mph sections @72mph in my Civic hybrid last year.

    (I did feel better about it when I tallied up the total cost of gas for the trip though.)

  6. Phelps Says:

    Two words explain it all: toll road.

  7. mikee Says:

    Indeed, the Toll Roads have led the way in setting speeds based upon data from road design, traffic flow, and engineered safety limits rather than Nixonian central planning. They want to get more folks paying to drive on their roads, so oddly enough they provide customer service such as realistic speed limits.

    The nice thing is, all of Texas followed along, without much public alarm. The signs on non-toll, highly congested I-35 going from my home north of Austin through downtown and towards San Antonio just changed by at least +5 mph all the way to I-10 at least (I’ve driven that section of road a lot lately).

    And guess what? Congestion on I-35 has improved a bit, due to the higher speeds allowed.

    Yay, Texas!

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