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Judging from a recent spike in traffic from this link (no idea what it is), seems people are judging whether this here blog is offensive or not.

8 Responses to “Interesting”

  1. Barron Barnett Says:

    This is the most offensive pile of drivel I have ever seen. It is so offensive I have to keep coming back every morning first thing… Unlike that Smoke and Plunder idiot.

  2. bluesun Says:

    …and I bet you care oh so much.

  3. PawPaw Says:

    Meh. I don’t even check traffic at my blog unless I’m unbelievably bored. I do this for me, not for them. If someone finds something offensive, that’s why I’m here.

  4. dbarrym Says:

    It seems that someone is using the crowdsourcing website, CrowdFlower, to create statistics on whether or not SaysUncle is an “offensive” blog, using criteria determined by an anonymous task creator, who specify lists “guns, firearms or weapons” as a ‘Prohibited Violent or Illegal Material” in his task instructions.

    On the surface this looks like a possible attempt by an Anti/Anti’s to create bogus statistics to be used against your blog, or gun bloggers in general. But many of the blogs listed in the task are generic/non-offensive and not gun related, so it might just be a general gathering of blog content opinions based on the listed criteria…since the job creator is anonymous, only he/she knows the reasons.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Ok, that was weird.

  6. Zendo Deb Says:

    You know you are doing some good somewhere when you offend someone. You could display photos and video on kittens playing, and you might offend the idiots at PETA.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Alaskan Says:

    If you are pissing people off,congratulations!
    you are standing up for what you believe in,no matter how wrong “they” are.

  8. Jay G. Says:

    Heh. My first thought? That site must be frikkin’ HUGE if *UNC* noticed a spike in traffic…

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