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Paper protection is just paper

Man walks right through a restraining order and shoots another man with a crossbow.

3 Responses to “Paper protection is just paper”

  1. John Richardson Says:

    That is exactly the reason that North Carolina required a pistol permit issued by the local sheriff in order to buy a crossbow. Or at least that was the reason given by the sponsor of the bill years ago.

    We ditched the requirement in 2011.

  2. Phenicks Says:

    He backed that up w/ a 9mm. Also it looks to be a lovers quarrel…(pun intended)

  3. BornLib Says:

    “Also it looks to be a lovers quarrel”

    Not so much a quarrel as Taylor not handling the break-up well at all. And people in the comments section over there are freaking out. Apparently, the very mention of the nature of their relationship is hate speech.