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Why bubbles in Guinness sink.

4 Responses to “Science!”

  1. M Gallo Says:

    For the record, a Stout Faucet with Nitrogen is a way to mimic a beer engine pull from a cask through a sparkler. Both break surface tension and cause a lot of gas to drop out of solution, causing the waterfalling effect in any type of glass, and creating a nice dense head that sticks around for awhile. That is to say, what we think of as a waterfalling stout porter pour has nothing to do with nitrogen, as it happens with cask ale which is naturally CO2 carbonated also. I was unaware of the “bubble sinking” mystery, but it makes sense that it would be something like inertia and currents, and that it might only happen with nitrogen present due to relative solubilities.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Those people are seriously retarded. The whole article reads like something from theOnion. How much did these geniuses spend on this “research” on beer bubbles? Give me a million dollars in research grant money and I’ll spend it studying my beer glass at the pub. Nice fucking gig, retards. Fuck you. What is this; another Obama Stimulus Program?

    Wait; that wasn’t actually from theOnion, was it? If so, then yeah; it’s funny.

  3. Rob Says:

    The research was done in Ireland, Lyle; Obama had nothing to do with it. I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Guiness paid for the research.

  4. Grayson Says:


    Who. The. Smeg. Cares.?

    I just say that Guiness makes damn fine vocal cord lubricant. 😀