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OK Oks reciprocity


4 Responses to “OK Oks reciprocity”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    So anyone from a Free State that doesn’t require paying the Nanny Fees is cool to carry in OK. Good!

    But what if you live in a State that WON’T allow you to have a Permit, like IL?

    This could actually be a Good Thing. Think of it this way. Let’s say your from Cairo, Illinois, and you have your FOID. You go to Oklahoma City on a Business Trip, put on your Concealed Pistol, and are the only one armed in a place when something bad happens. You come out of it alive and healthy, and the Bad Guys are stopped. The Oklahoma Police naturally disarm you, run the background, and find out you come from a State that isn’t Free nor has Reciprocity. They take you to Court. And you Plead that YOUR RKBA is being denied because your Home State is full of Commie Politicians who want to keep the Peasants in Line. YOU claim Equal Protection.

    Does the OK Judge let you go? Do they Prosecute you? After all, unlike Gay Marriage Laws, the Supreme Court says the RKBA is a Universal Right. So if OK allows Concealed Carry w/o a Permit, then maybe you should go Free?

    And as a Follow Up, if I was from OK, I’d take this new Bill to Court to force the State to get rid of the Permit altogether. One could argue that a Citizen of Oklahoma is being Denied Equal Protection. After all, why does a Vermonter get to Carry Concealed w/o a Permit, but a Citizen MUST Jump Through Hoops?

    Stay Tuned.

  2. Kristopher Says:

    OK then.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Bubblehead Les,

    It was just for such cases that our Constitutional jury system was devised so that the jury could refuse to convict a person when laws violated the Bill of Rights or common (moral) law:

    “The jury has the Right to judge both the law and the facts”–Samuel Chase,1804, signer of Declaration of Independence,Supreme Court Justice

  4. RWC Says:

    OT – but the Dems are looking to gain something out of the Trayvon incident. Basically withholding federal funds from states that have SYG laws.

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