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Saving the country

On the local talk radio, they advertised for Sean Hannity’s radio program. In the commercial, Hannity said something almost exactly like we must defeat Obama to save the country. How is Romney going to save it? And from what? He’ll continue the big government, big spending policies that Obama and Bush perpetuated. It won’t change.

We have TSA out of control, EPA threatening to crucify oil makers, all manner of rule by fiat of federal agencies, and a growing class dependent on government. The only way that’s going to change is if someone cracks down on the bureaucracy and starts firing people. That won’t happen. Option B is going to be when the bills actually come due and we can’t pay them.

As for Romney, this seems to fit most people.

I’m staying home. I voted myself into this and I’m not voting my way out.

53 Responses to “Saving the country”

  1. ATL Says:

    I do not think Romney can save the country. The only people that can save the country is us. The real issue is that it takes some type of action (like voting- not necessarily for Romney) and not staying home. You get the government you tolerate. I can fully understand your issues with Romney, but I am still willing to give him a shot. Who knows, he might actually surprise us as opposed to Barry. If you want to stay home, then so be it. Remember the only people who get rewarded for sitting on their asses and not doing anything work for the other side.

  2. jetfxr69 Says:

    It is a statistical certainty that the next POTUS will be either: Mitt Romney (R), or Barack Obama (D). Like it or not, that’s facts.

    At this point the election is between two men, described above as “slower slide” or “express elevator” to hell. I’d like to be on the slower slide long enough to have a chance to get some acceptable candidates in future elections.

    The time to make your voice heard on what is an acceptable candidate is NOW, and leading up to the 2016 Primaries. Your voice is NOT your vote in the primary election. Your voice is NOT the internet (unless you’re doing it systematically and actually trying to influence real people, not “readers”).

    Your voice is YOU actually engaging with the local parties’ offices. Your voice is convincing them that they should care what YOU want. If you can’t convince them, then TAKE OVER the local parties. It doesn’t take millions of votes to change local political machines, it usually take tens, or hundreds. Maybe a thousand. Contact the candidate you find “most acceptable” and ask them to run, but be prepared to offer your help in getting them elected.

    Don’t do that, and you retain your right to bitch, you retain your right to complain, but you do NOT retain the honor of the word “citizen”, only “resident”. You’ll retain actual citizenship, but might as well be a European with European comments on the U.S. Constitution. Apparently you understand it approximately the same way they do.

  3. Knitebane Says:

    Governor Mitt Romney, who touts his conservative credentials to out-of-state Republicans, has passed over GOP lawyers for three-quarters (75%) of the 36 judicial vacancies he has faced, instead tapping registered Democrats or independents…”

    If the argument is about judicial appointments then choosing between Obama and Romney is a choice between suck and fail.

    Dear Romneybots, please come up with a better scare tactic.

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