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The Shield

SGB shot one. Not a fan of the manual safety. Given that a few of these might get stuffed in pockets, I can see why S&W put them on there.

4 Responses to “The Shield”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I’m not a fan of manual safeties on DAO guns either, and I’m firmly in the “Kahr Did it better in every way” camp (The CW9 is the same gun at the same price, just better and cheaper IMHO, the CM9 is the same price and smaller, and better).

    But to be fair, while I haven’t handled the Shield, the safety looks very similar to the one on the .380 Bodyguard, as well as the Ruger LC9, which honestly are easy to flick on, and are pretty hard to bump on accidentally.

  2. Critter Says:

    I’ve carried a revolver in my pocket for generations, and it doesn’t have a manual safety. It lives in a horse hide holster which covers the trigger and has never yet discharged when I didn’t want it to. I suppose some nervous Nellie needed the security blanket.

  3. Spade Says:

    Some people just like safeties.

    My wife wants her first carry piece. She wants a semi auto with a safety. She just does. Granted, she’d never shot a gun before she met me.

    I’ve told her it’s no big deal, since I typically carry my 92FS with the “safety” off or my Sig P6 that doesn’t have one. But she wants it.

    Whatever gets her carrying works for me. I’m sure once she gets comfortable with the idea she can just leave it off.

  4. Jim Brack Says:

    DAO handguns with safeties are for those that can’t follow rule 3.

    +1 for Kahr.