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TSA at work

Fire them all: Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA officers after she hugged her grandmother while passing through security

Also, why is GUN capitalized?

27 Responses to “TSA at work”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    because RACE GUN!

  2. Firehand Says:

    Well, since The One’s spokesweasel says the war on terror is over, that means we can ditch every one of the clowns, doesn’t it?

  3. AZ Fortune Cookie Says:

    Maybe it’s supposed to scare you? Of course, TSA is also capitalized, possibly for the same reason…

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Firet them, and send them to PRISON!

  5. Divemedic Says:

    What disgusts me are all of the comments supporting the TSA. What makes me happy are that they are all the lowest rated comments. At least some of us understand.

  6. Robert Says:

    Bureaucracies consider themselves successful when they follow their policies and procedures. They don’t worry about public service, customers, clients, outcomes or any other factor.
    This bureaucracy has never derailed a terrorist attempt, discovered one, or performed any function other than maintaining and expanding itself. Thanks Bush!

  7. nk Says:

    Whadda? Fire them. Then horsewhip them. Then tar and feather them and run them out of town on a rail. Then horsewhip them again. Especially the clown who said proper procedures were followed.

    (Have to admit, they’re not all like that. Coming back from Tampa, my then wife wondered whether she should take her earrings off to go through the metal detector. The TSA officer said something like, “Ma’am, we don’t think you can hijack a plane with those”. Told me I did not have to take my belt off, either.)

  8. RWC Says:

    Wonder which one of the scumbags found the little girl attractive.

  9. Tirno Says:

    That kind of official response just begs to be turned around:

    So, Mr Spokeshole, the public can expect, as the result of your standard procedures, to be beaten/molested/berated/intimidated/abused/detained for indefinite times without charge/robbed/humiliated/distressed/killed (choose as appropriate to agency and incident)? Because what you’re telling me is that these crimes have happened to these innocent folks, at the hands of your employees, and you’re OK with that because ‘procedure’ was followed.

  10. breda Says:

    GUN is capitalized because it’s a British headline. And they’re pussies.

  11. Gerry Says:

    Proof there are some people too stupid for words and can still can earn a paycheck.

  12. Kirk Parker Says:

    … and this time use real fire.

  13. aeronathan Says:

    And you know what, if things ever get really “bad” all those agents are gonna be shocked when they’re the first one’s in line for the lamp posts….

  14. SoupOrMan Says:

    It’s the Daily Mail… they’ve been rumored to confabulate stories here and there.

  15. 45er Says:

    I think the most frightening part is that when these things happen they are always “following proper procedure.” It sounds like procedure needs to get yanked.

  16. HL Says:

    So if federalizing Airport Security turned them into goons, I wonder what will happen to Doctors when they too are federalized?

    Imagine the enhanced pat-downs at the Dr’s office.

  17. Nylarthotep Says:

    Can’t wait till the healthcare version of these jackasses are set free on the public.

  18. Phelps Says:

    It’s an acronym.

    Generic Undefined Nothing.

  19. Sigivald Says:

    AZ: TSA is an acronym. Capitalizing them is Standard English.

    I think it’s more that guns scare the authors. They are, after all, Brits.

  20. Bubblehead Les Says:

    “But Your Honor, we was only following Proper Procedures when I was a guard at Auschwitz.”- Nuremburg Trial Transcript.

    And if anyone in the Federal Government has a Problem with my Comment, T.S. LEO’s are supposed to PROTECT Little Girls, not Strip Search them.

  21. SGB Says:


  22. Cargosquid Says:

    But… The War on Terror is over.

    The State Department said so.

    Why do we need the TSA and DHS now?

    Personally, I would have said..Go ahead. Close down the airport.

  23. Paul Says:

    Homeland Security spends their time raiding shops with SWAT teams looking for illegal trademark infringements while the TSA tries to strip search 4 year old girls.

    Yea, fire them all and shut them down.

  24. Ted N Says:

    Fire them…like in a kiln? That’ll be the worst pottery ever, but still amusing.

  25. John Smith. Says:

    SNAFU at the tsa….

  26. nk Says:

    Powdered, calcified bones are the best ingredient in fine pottery, Ted N.

  27. John Smith. Says:

    Don’t forget to removed the teeth NK… They are tougher than the bone..

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