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Romney goes all in on guns

Well, sort of. Looks like in his effort to woo the gun vote, he gave a speech at the NRA annual meeting. He wants to stand up for hunters and sportsmen. And those who want to defend themselves. He also mentioned Fast and Furious. And he cites founding fathers rhetoric.

Seems he’s trying to convince people that he’s not the man he once was, the man who supported a ban on sporting rifles.

In terms of presidentin’, I’m guessing he’d be none too supportive of gun rights but I doubt he’d be hostile either. We’ll see.

16 Responses to “Romney goes all in on guns”

  1. blounttruth Says:

    Poor Mitt is getting beaten by Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll, but guess who beats Obama if the elections were held today?

    But you wont heart it from the ministry of propaganda.

    Perhaps there is hope for gun owners after all.

  2. AllenF Says:

    I’m not a Mittens guy, but there is one benefit.

    Lame Duck Obama has no carrot(re-election)to stop him from going all European with gun laws and executive mandates.

    Mitt, with an eye to a second term, would play neutral for four years (similar to what The Light Bringer has done so far).

    Advantage: Comrade Romney

  3. Tango Says:

    Has anybody ASKED Mitt what his current stance on guns is? Does he claim he is remorseful for helping pass the AWB? Why does nobody put his feet to the fire?

  4. BornLib Says:

    Romney is a fair-weather friend to gun owners at best. It ain’t much, but it’s better than President Zero. Obama has to go, if for no other reason than to get rid of Holder (other reasons are of course in ample supply).

  5. mariner Says:

    It’s possible that Romney regrets his support for the AWB, and has seen the 2nd Amendment light. It’s also hard for me to believe, because of the other times Romney has flip-flopped on other subjects.

    I believe Romney is a big-government Republican rather than a conservative. It’s pretty disgusting that our November choice will be between him and Obama.

  6. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Tango, the people who hate Obama don’t want to hear that answer.

    Remember, Romney has claimed he’ll attempt to repeal Obamacare….but has to regrets writing the bill in the first place for Massachusetts.

    We all KNOW he won’t admit he made a mistake banning guns and leaving the other bullshit gun laws here alone.

    Those who have already committed to voting for the GOP Nom even if its Mitt can’t bear to hear the truth.

  7. blounttruth Says:

    As a lifelong republican I would warn folks to check the polls to see who has the best chance of beating Obama before allowing the media to distort the true delegate numbers.

    From Rasmussen
    (Obama 51-Romney 40)
    Same Poll
    (Obama 51 – Paul 52)

    Many who are looking at the election as Obama Vs. Romney before even half the delegates have been assigned shows that the propaganda from the media really hits home versus actual reality. If you want Obama out, you better watch the polls as Romney has little chance of beating Obama. The media is selling you out, and you are taking it hook, line, and silencer.

    Who better to preserve the 2nd amendment than Ron Paul?

  8. Brad Says:

    If anyone could lose the election to Obama, it is Romney. The oft made claim Romney is the most electable candidate were never based upon a realistic analysis of Romney’s merits. And Romney has oh so many problems that can drag him down as candidate in the general election. Romney even has a losing record, as the man has been furiously campaigning for public office since 1994 and only managed to get elected one time to one position. Romney is a loser.

    All that being said, how I expect Romney to act in office will be a real mixed bag but still an improvement over Obama. I could see Romney vetoing legislation that would restore gun rights in Massachusetts. On the other hand, the pool of people Romney would select a new Supreme Court justice from is entirely different from Obama. We would not see another anti-2nd Amendment justice such as Sotomayor or Kagan appointed to the Supreme Court. And that ultimately is the most important factor regarding gun-rights during this presidential election.

  9. Crotalus Says:

    He’s talkin’ the talk, but I can’t see him walkin’ the walk.

  10. Ron W Says:

    C’mon blounttruth, the political-media establishment knows who can beat Obama…trust them, they want him to lose don’t they?

    Did Romney repent of his support for the AWB to the NRA and claim that he was now for allowing the common people to possess semi-auto weapons?

  11. Robert Says:

    Pander to me baby! Then if we make it, be very afraid of crossing me later.

  12. Robert Says:

    The choice is between Mitt and Obama. I’m all in for Mitt.

  13. SGB Says:

    Mitt saying something to get elected? Nah.

  14. Paul Says:

    Obama is a ‘True Believer’, but his beliefs are extreme left wing.

    Romney is a politician. He goes with the flow. Right now the flow is with us, and thus Romney is with us. But if the crowed turned, I bet Romney would turn to save his job.

    Now that is not bad. That is politics. Romney will stay in the center or a bit right. Obama…. well he is more like Lenin or Stalin, he will do what he thinks he can do to further his aims, no matter what.

  15. Dave Says:

    Shame on the NRA for accepting him with open arms. I’ll not be renewing my membership.

  16. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    Romney’s elect-ability is oft cited as the reason he keeps leading the pack; George Will pointed out months ago on This Week that he can’t understand why that’s considered Mitt’s strong point.

    He’s been involved in 22 elections in his career.

    Of those, he’s lost 17.

    Unless the picture of Obama blowing a goat while snorting coke and crapping on the American flag in the Oval Office comes to light, and soon, you may as well get used to four more years of meh.