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What’s the crime?

Police draw weapons and detain OSU student because he had an empty holster. He was wearing the empty holster to show support for gun rights.

20 Responses to “What’s the crime?”

  1. Paul B Says:

    Its ok for me to protest the injustice of charges in a justified shoot, it is not OK for you to protest I am wrong.

    One more reason the mountains look better every day.

  2. Alan Says:

    The crime was not respecting their authority.

  3. mike w. Says:

    Oh my god! Freedom of Expresson! We must CRUSH IT!

  4. Sigivald Says:

    That’ll be an interesting “disorderly conduct” complaint there.

    All… standing and stuff.

  5. Andy Says:

    What the hell is in the Water in Ohio? Were these guys drinking from the same well as Harless.

  6. Eric Says:

    Disorderly conduct? For standing peacefully with an empty holster? I suppose they want to kill the First Amendment in addition to the Second. Where is this viscious leftist oppression leading?

  7. Tirno Says:

    I suspect the young man has found a opportunity to pay off his student loans, should he have any.

  8. BornLib Says:

    I’m an OSU alumni. Those bastards are not getting one dime from me.

  9. Ted N Says:

    Damn peasents, when’ll they learn…

  10. BWM Says:

    I’d say the crime was the police drawing on him as they were the party the initiated force.

    Goddamn i hate being a libertarian

  11. Classical Liberal Says:

    Disorderly Conduct is the usual BS charge Cops make up when you aren’t committing a crime (IE contempt of Cop). I would love to see someone fight disorderly conduct all the way to the supreme court so we could get a ruling that the cops violated his 1st amendment rights.

  12. MJM Says:

    I am grateful for Newbern. He proves that if a fundamental liberty is not exercised publicly, “the system” will, intentionally, erode it away.

  13. TennGoodBoy Says:

    Another pol-lice abuse of authori-tah in Ohio? Guess I wonT be going to Cincinnati this year. Glad their airport is in KENTUCKY…

  14. Critter Says:

    “You and I can debate that all day long and you have clear arguments,” (University President)Gee said, addressing his remarks to Newbern. “But, I am in charge and we are not going to do it.”

    i suspect that this incident has more to do with this lib/prog “educator” than the campus police.

  15. comatus Says:

    “Iím an OSU alumni.”

    Oh, Sweet Jesus, I do not doubt it a bit.
    Latin major, too?

  16. nk Says:

    Hate to disagree. Guns are not First Amendment vehicles. They are there to protect you and your loved ones. Don’t carry an open-carry empty holster. If you think you should carry a gun, carry it. Where nobody will see it until you need it.

  17. GunRightsAttorneys Says:

    The crime? Empty holsters invoke fear and panic……..

  18. Jerry Says:

    +1 nk.

  19. MJM Says:

    I might agree with your approach to self-defense, nk, but Newbern saw it differently. It should not be a crime to strap on a holster. Or a fanny pack. Or to wear cargo pants. Personally, I am willing to give Newbern the room to have his own point of view, and I cannot identify a crime on the books anywhere for wearing an empty holster. “Doing stuff the police do not like” is not a crime unless the elected legislature passed a statute the specifies the behavior made a crime.
    I will add: I do not believe the First Amendment protects “expression.” That is not what it says. However, an entire chain of decisions over decades protects expression the same as speech. Newbern committed no identifiable crime; he expressed his support for the Second Amendment by wearing a piece of Kydex (I guess). I understand that he pushes the edge by making the police wonder, “OK, there is an empty holster, now where is the gun?” but Newbern was not armed. I think we should give each other lots of latitude in the exercise of liberties that are under heavey assault.


    “‘Doing stuff the police do not like’ is not a crime unless the elected legislature passed a statute the specifies the behavior made a crime.”

    You are incorrect. It is the only crime. When you create a special class of people which are given monopoly on law enforcement. The only law becomes “don’t attract their attention or piss them off.” You brought it upon yourselves and its the natural result of the creation of police. (This is why we didn’t have police in the founders’ day.)

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