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Aimpoint Micro Review

Battery life is 75% of forever

2 Responses to “Aimpoint Micro Review”

  1. SirBeep Says:

    That sounds like an exaggeration, but from as much as i’ve seen from mine it may not be. I’ve got a 10+ year old M2 that’s still snacking on the origional batteries.
    I’m no twice a week 3gunner, but I’m no Fudd either. Its ridden a few cases of 7.62, who knows how much .22, and currently rides the thunder – 458socom.
    At least 3 times i’ve discovered it still lit from the last weekends ranage trip because i was bright enough to leave it on and it’s still shining bright. Brighter than me, I guess.

  2. Critter Says:

    meh. it’s the same thing as the Bushnell TRS25, for about six times the cost. they’re both made by the same chinese company (as are a number of similar scopes) who’ll put the battery case on any one of 4 points on the body and put any art work on the side the customer wants. it’s the same circuitry so the Bushnell also lasts “75% of forever” as i’ve found out the hard way. it’s sad really, because, while it’s a pretty nifty little scope, Aimpoint is cheapening it’s brand.