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A thought

I’m guessing most women (as in an overwhelming percentage of) don’t care about golf one way or the other.

30 Responses to “A thought”

  1. JD Rush Says:

    My wife will go to tournaments in person (if we get free tickets) but it is a tough sell to get her to watch on TV. Me, I treat it like NASCAR- watch the opening act, take a nap, wake up for the ending.

  2. HL Says:

    A good number of them apparently “cared for” Tiger.

  3. Robert Says:

    Until you want to go play. Then they care quite a bit.

  4. Dannytheman Says:

    I have to admit I was surprised at all the MSNBC crap about it. Brian Roberts, who now owns NBC Comcast is a member of Augusta and HUGE donator to Obama!! I bet NBC cuts back after he gets a call or 2.

  5. Timmeehh Says:

    Most men too.

  6. DirtCrashr Says:

    The LPGA is actually a big hit with the well-moneyed Leisure Lesbians, those who turn to another sport after women’s basketball gets old and they grow out of the College-phase.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    Most men don’t, either.

  8. comatus Says:

    A good walk spoil’d, and a smallbore range wasted.

  9. Cargosquid Says:

    My wife golfs and watches it on TV.

    Could care less about women in Agusta.

  10. jon spencer Says:

    It is not about who cares, watches or even the television ratings of golf.
    It is about the demographics of those that watch and care.

  11. Montieth Says:

    My grandmother cared about golf enough to shoot an 81 the year she died, at 80, of cancer. She played in a great number of amateur tournaments.

  12. Lyle Says:

    And of those women who do care about golf, there will be a scant minority of those who long to get into a private men’s golf club.

    [sarcasm = “on”] So yeah; Romney should be all over that one as presidential candidate. Our federal government is for the “little gal” after all, and no one else. Nothing could be more important than a president who will eagerly insert himself into our private organizations. [sarcasm = “off”]

  13. mostly cajun Says:

    Further news: Most MEN don’t care about golf, either!


  14. Dannytheman Says:

    IF I were to ever start a men’s only club, and it became extremely popular, I sure wouldn’t want the President of the United States telling me I had to allow women in it.

    Private is Private isn’t it, Mr. President, or do we have to share that too??

  15. Tam Says:

    I don’t personally know anybody, setter or pointer, who gives much of a damn about pasture pool one way or another.

  16. Homer Says:

    Golf? Golf? Please. Tam’s characterization of golf as “pasture pool” is overly complimentary. I’ve been taken to “golf courses” several times in my life, and a few people have undertaken the task of teaching me “golf.” Drives I can do; wedge work, maybe; putts, never.

    I’m sorry, I can’t look at a 480 yard par 4 without thinking “this is a waste of a a perfectly good rifle range.” The only worthwhile difference between that par 4 and a rifle range could be resolved by making suppressors 4473 items. And, the sooner the better…..

  17. sashok.privetov Says:

    A golf course is a waste of a perfectly good rifle range!

  18. mikee Says:

    For those nongolfers above, I’d like to recommend (as a 3 time golf course visitor) two books by Troon McAllister – The Green and Scratch.

    Both are good reads, and both approach the reason golf is addictive to some people and anathema to others.

    All I can say is, I played 3 rounds, shot in the 120+ range (and stopped counting) and still had a pretty good time. Like in shooting, an absolute rookie at golf can have a good time learning how to do it right, and every once in a while will do everything right with spectacular results.

  19. Kristopher Says:

    mikee: for those golfers above, I recommend turning all golf courses into trail walk shooting ranges, with 18 different short range pistol/shotgun/rifle target bays, and a particular course of fire on each one.

    A golf cart can easily be converted to hold a rifle, shotgun, and ammo and stuff for such a three gun course.

    Any American who would rather golf instead of shoot needs to be shipped to Scotland.

  20. treefroggy Says:

    Golf ? What caliber is that ?

  21. mikee Says:

    Kristopher, I am absolutely certain your trail walk shooting range would be much more fun than golf for me. Why aren’t there some already in existence we can visit?

  22. PawPaw Says:

    There are a lot of men who don’t care for golf, either. I try to remain conversant, but I’d rather have my pubic hairs set on fire than to actually find myself on a golf course. Those windmill holes traumatized me as a youngster.

    Besides, when I look at a golf course, I see a perfect waste of a shooting range.

  23. sashok.privetov Says:

    Kristopher–I got a business idea for you. Just remeber to pay me royalties when you realize it. I take mere 33%.

  24. Kirk Parker Says:


    I know they shot long distances with subsonic rounds in the Old Days™ but unless you’re a reenactor or something you’ll probably want a better round for your 480yd shooting; and a suppressor doesn’t suppress supersonic rounds all that much does it? (Not so good for black-powder, either, I would suppose…)

  25. JFM Says:

    Now I could get into golf if we could play using these;

  26. PawPaw Says:

    Homer sez “and a suppressor doesn’t suppress supersonic rounds all that much does it?”

    I used to think that too, until a guy showed up at the range with a suppressor on a .308. Of course, we all asked about it, and he shot it for us. While it wasn’t as quiet as the movies, the recoil was certainly suppressed to the point where you could fire it without ear muffs. Quite a pleasant little thump and you could hear the bullet hit the 100 yard target.

  27. Kristopher Says:

    Mikee: first I have to buy a golf course … expensive, since these old men with clubs and little white balls simply cannot see reason.

  28. Kristopher Says:

    If I get some money ahead, I might consider setting one up out in the sticks first, or in some desert.

    Might be a money maker out in the red states.

  29. Homer Says:

    @ Pawpaw at 04/08/2012 at 0919: If you have documentation that I ever said, here or someplace else, that “and a suppressor doesn’t suppress supersonic rounds all that much does it?” I’d like to see it.

    If you scroll back through the comments to “Kirk Parker’s” comment at 4/8/2012 at 1201 hrs you’ll see that he attributes to me something I never said.
    So much for Kirk Parker’s honesty and integrity. Whomever “Kirk Parker” is, he/she does not have the ability to accurately report conversations, even those in print and easily referenced.

    Re-read my comment above time stamped at 04/07/12 at 1050 hrs and tell me if you think “Kirk Parker’s” comment is accurate. In fact, you can tell everyone commenting on this forum what your opinion is of “Kirk Parker’s” honesty and integrity. No guts, no glory, Pawpaw. Don’t be shy.

    I suspect I may been involved with more suppressed firearms than you’ve experienced, under more different conditions. I cannot envision circumstances under which I would judge that a suppressed centerfire rifle, through a suppressor alone, would reduce the total audible report of a supersonic projectile fired from that rifle, in the distance between muzzle and target.

  30. DirtCrashr Says:

    Any adult game that can tie-up an Enviroweenie in raging apoplectic hissy-fits can’t be all bad.