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Where guns are banned

Or at least regulated to the point they’re very difficult to get.

Designer weapons disguised as regular household objects.

7 Responses to “Where guns are banned”

  1. mikee Says:

    Looking around my living/dining room, which was NOT designed to contain discreet covert weaponry, I see the following items that could be used for defense or offense:

    1. Barstools at the kitchen counter that any lion tamer would find useful.
    2. Wooden and brass table lamps shaped like clubs.
    3. Heavy ceramic art and plant containers.
    4. Deer antlers, spike sheds that are pointy.
    5. Fossils and petrified wood, rather sharp edged.
    6. Snow globe, a spherical projectile.
    7. Brass art, your standard heavy blunt objects.
    8. Fireplace tools.
    9. Heavy wooden frames on hung pictures. Garrote-like wires on them.
    10. And lest we forget – the overstuffed pillows and the comfy chairs! We don’t expect the Spanish Inquisition, but we are supplied for their tortures should they suddenly appear.

    My point being that to buy a covert weapon is silly. Almost everything can be a covert weapon, if you use it as such.

    I learned that from my mean older brother when I was, like, four years old.

  2. Snarky Guy Says:

    Do parties at your house always end with blue lights flashing on the cars out front?


    @Snarky Guy:

    Only the good ones.

  4. HL Says:

    I would hate to live in a place where I had to depend on shit like that for defense.

  5. Rob Says:

    Wow that is crazy! I really like The Last Stand…

  6. jigsaw Says:

    Um, no thanks … even living in a place where weapons are heavily regulated I could come up with a lot more useful things – along the line of Mikee’s list

  7. Surly Bob Says:

    A good habit to get into would be to mentally ask yourself how you would kill everyone in the room with the objects or weapons at hand…..LOL. Or similarly, how you would go on the offense if a terrorist suddenly burst into the room. If more people thought that way, and shared ideas, terrorism would become a thing of the past…..