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Another plea

The marine plead in NYC carry case too. Just like Graves. I guess until someone actually challenges the laws, they will stand.

17 Responses to “Another plea”

  1. Bram Says:

    To challenge you would need:

    – Deep pockets or guaranteed free high-end lawyers willing to appeal all the way.
    – To be willing to serve some time.
    – No job or family responsibilities.

    Otherwise, people will plead every time with 3 years mandatory hanging over their heads.

  2. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    I will try to quote Jim Geraghty:

    “The thing about picking a hill to die on is, that you may have to really die on that hill.”


  3. BalloonGoesUp Says:

    You can’t challenge the law by breaking it. To challenge it you need to have suffered an injury and claim you could have stopped it had the law not been in place, therefore causing an injury.


    This is why we need more crazies on our side. People willing to pick a hill and die on that hill.

  5. chris Says:

    Juror nullification.

  6. trackerk Says:

    Reading the article it sounds to me like someone convinced him he wasn’t the ideal candidate. The court martial and wackyweed issues in his past would not have looked good at trial.

  7. Luke Says:

    New York is handling this the same way you’d face down a gang of thugs. “We might not incarcerate ALL of you, but we’ll lock up SOME of you. Who wants to be first?”

    When these two cases first appeared I suspected they were done on purpose to highlight NY’s stupid laws.
    I even considered the possible effect of flooding their justice system with 100s or possibly even 1,000s of visiting gun owners being arrested and charged, NOT making bail, and putting more load on their prisons.

  8. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    Reminds me of some of the objections I’ve heard from anti gunners around here, ie “well if you’re so sure the 2A means what you say it means, why not go carry a gun in DC openly?”

    To which myself and others reply “why sure…tell ya what. Spot me a million bucks for legal fees and lost income over the next couple of years, and I’ll go walk down Pennsylvania Ave with my Glock on my hip tomorrow”.

    Any takers?

  9. Rick Says:

    I like how the press keeps referring to “even though the gun was legally registered in his home state.” Stops the general public from asking the obvious question: “If his driver’s license is good in NYC, why not his carry license?”

  10. Tango Says:

    I might be nitpicking, but Marine should be capitalized.

  11. comatus Says:

    Despite the viral growth of “snuck,” if you plead in the past it is “pled.” Not “He done plud.”

  12. Bryan S. Says:

    So what if you get arrested and they dont have registration in your state? Beheading? Stoning?

  13. Bryan S. Says:


  14. PMain Says:

    Who really wants to chance jail & loosing your right to vote & all 2A rights to show NYC for what it is?

    Now once the SCOTUS rules regarding @A rights outside of the house, I’d imagine that Gura & his legal wrecking crew will find someone without a colorful past & begin collecting some serious NYC monies. Can’t let Chicago & DC have all of the fun. If not, LA is in need of some serious Constitutional backhand.

  15. Old NFO Says:

    Agree with PM, I ‘think’ there is some stuff going on behind the scenes and NY is in some folks crosshairs…

  16. SPQR Says:

    chris Says:
    March 21st, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Juror nullification.

    Uh, no. That’s not an answer. Because you can’t trust 12 random people too stupid to avoid jury duty to be pro-gun rights.

  17. Roberta X Says:

    We don’t have handgun registration in Indiana. Bad newspaper! No donut!

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