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News you can use

Building your range trauma kit.

3 Responses to “News you can use”

  1. rightisright Says:

    I always have one at the range.

    A few things: the newer generation of Quik Clot in the sponge bandage makes a lot less of a mess than the powder.

    I’d add an Izzy bandage to her list.

  2. emily latella Says:

    Why would I need to have a kit to increase the drama at the range?
    I see enough drama at the range as it is, with newbie shooters posing with their Sigs, then hitting the floor as often as the target; crotchety oldsters shooting one shot per hour from their Hawkins rifles, and complaining about the noise in between; range officers who think a double tap is the same thing as a burst of fully automatic fire, and so on. I try never to be more dramatic than a Mozambique drill, and then only if the range officer isn’t watching too closely.

    What? Not range drama kit, but a range trauma kit? Ohhhh!


  3. Mike V. Says:

    A military IFAK kit has everthing you would to treat a GSW. Amazon has them starting at less than $50.

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