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Death by mall ninja

That’s pretty much what this case looks like to me. Tragic. Leave the policing to the police.

15 Responses to “Death by mall ninja”

  1. SGB Says:


  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I just wish the racist biased Media whores would quit trying hang this guy with spurious information so I can stop defending him!

  3. Dustydog Says:

    A reminder to be careful about what you say to 911. The guy who said “they are right outside my porch. I’m not going out there” is being cruxified in the media. Obviously he didn’t think the police would release his 911 call for international scrutiny. The police sent a clear message to the public – don’t call 911, don’t get involved. Calling won’t help anyone else, and it certainly won’t help you.

  4. Divemedic Says:

    I love how Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. Ever since Richard Jewell was falsely accused in 1996, I have been in favor of a law that prohibits police from releasing the names of arrestees until after they have been convicted.

  5. kishnevi Says:

    Divemedic–at this point, it appears that Zimmerman is not going to be charged or arrested for anything, thanks to Florida’s “stand your ground” law, or whatever they call it. Meanwhile, Zimmerman attacked and then shot a 16 year old kid, making no attempt to challenge him or ask questions as to who he was, while said kid was doing nothing more than walking from a 7-11 to his father’s house in a neighborhood where several black families live, sole grounds of suspicion being that the kid was a black kid walking in the rain with his hood up. (If you’re walking in the rain, and have a hood, why wouldn’t you put it over your head?) The area of Miami where the boy lived most of the time, btw, is a solidly middle class black neighborhood. He wasn’t from the projects or anything like that.

    There are times when media crucifixions are actually deserved, and Zimmerman’s case, from what I can tell,
    is one such instance.

  6. Jeff From DC Says:

    In Zimmerman’s defense, all the pictures the family have shown are old family photos. Anytime the family of a decedant busts out the outdated photos it’s to portray the image to the media that he’s an 8 year old, not a 17 year old. That’s usually because there is something more to the story, mall ninjary notwithstanding.

  7. ATLien Says:

    kishnevi, if zimmerman didn’t say anything, and martin didn’t say anything, what was the yelling about before the shooting? And how did zimmerman get hit in the back of the head?

  8. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    My guess: young Trayvon was being hounded by an overzealous fat guy who didn’t like black guys in hoodies and was scared because he was being chased by a guy a lot bigger than him. He probably stood his ground and might have even taken a swing, but probably didn’t deserve to get killed either.

    I think the media is all atwitter about SYG laws, but with or without them self defense is still an affirmative case you have to make, and the Sanford PD is going to get pissed upon from a great height over this.

    Every bit of CCW class instruction I’ve ever received starts and ends with “if you draw, expect to be arrested, whether you fire or not–so don’t draw unless explaining your actions to the authorities is something you’re prepared to do”.

  9. John Smith. Says:

    I am trying to figure out why zimmerman stopped his car to even mess with martin in the first place. I don’t know about you but I was under the impression the neighborhood watch was to call the police and actually watch for a crime… If the kid was committing a crime then why didn’t zimmerman just call the police and state a what crime was being committed. Zimmerman tried to play hero with someone who had just as much right to be at the location as he did except he ended up killing the “suspect”.. You stop me on the street without being a cop do not expect me to play patty cake with you… When you start the fight then kill someone who is unarmed it is YOUR FAULT!!!

  10. SPQR Says:

    kishnevi, if the police can prove that Zimmerman did what you claim, then he’ll be arrested and charged.

    And if they can’t, he won’t. It has nothing to do with any “stand your ground” law.

  11. kishnevi Says:

    SPQR–My explanation is based on what the news reports as Zimmerman’s own account given to the police. The proof is there; it’s just that Florida law was changed a couple of years ago in a way that makes it easier to plead self defense successfully compared to most other places.

    It boils down to this: Zimmerman initiated non-lethal force against Martin because he thought Martin was engaged in criminal activity; he thought that Martin was going to respond with lethal force, and shot Martin to protect against that. Apparently under Florida law, or at least under Florida law as understood by the Sanford PD and local prosecutors, that was legitimate self defense. The fact that no person with common sense would act as Zimmerman did in suspecting and then immediately initiating non lethal force against Martin is of not important from the legal standpoint. (And if you do think someone is a criminal, it would be common sense to think they have a gun with them, but it might not be common sense in that situation to confront them without your own gun already drawn and targeted.)

  12. Standard Mischief Says:

    I’m pretty much floored by the fact that the father of the slain publicly stated that the tapes show that there was a warning shot, his son begging for his life and then a second shot that killed him.

    Others are saying that there is only one shot on the tape.

    It seems that when people have already made up their mind as to what happened listen to the 9-1-1 calls, they hear exactly what the expect to hear. That’s kinda scary.

  13. CapitalistPig Says:

    Zimmerman might have created the circumstances that led to the shooting, but when the “Sharpton/Racism/Stand Your Ground” issues get invoked immediately, I don’t have any reason to believe the narrative.

    I’ll wait for the facts to see if Zimmerman is a victim or a murderer.

  14. junyo Says:

    I find it difficult to fathom the sympathy for Zimmerman I see on gun blogs. At minimum, Zimmerman made a horrible and tragic mistake; at worst he committed an act of murder. But at the end of the day, he’s still breathing and capable of defending himself while another young man, through no apparent fault of his own, won’t ever see his 18th birthday, and who can’t speak for himself.

  15. John Smith. Says:

    You cannot kill someone because you assume they are a criminal… Not too many courts where that would stand up even if they were criminals…

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