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Because that’s what I want in a president

Rick Santorum to crack down on the scourge of internet porn. Yes because that’s what we need in modern times. Another big .gov initiative making criminals out of consenting adults.

23 Responses to “Because that’s what I want in a president”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    The real crime is that the US government has entitled itself to crack down on any website with certain endings.

  2. andy Says:

    This is why most people get the internet. No more getting caught walking out of some dirty porn shop. Ironically, when the NSF pulled back funding for the internet in the late 80’s/early 90’s. It was the porn business that moved in as some of the first commercial internet ventures.

  3. Ted N Says:

    Word on this needs to get out, this guy’s campaign is DRT.

  4. Ed Says:

    From my cold dead hands! err…

  5. andy Says:

    As a PA voter, this is the exact kind of crap that cost Rick that job in the Senate. He can’t seem to stay focused on jobs and the economy. He’s worried about sodomy, porn, and prayer. This guys was and still is bad news.

  6. Dave_H Says:

    Shutting off the online supply of busty coeds paying their bills by shaking their goodies, now that is downright un American 🙂

  7. Mike V. Says:

    Every time a Repuvlican candidate opens his mouth, I ask myself “Is this the best we can do?”

  8. Rick Says:

    It’s not the .gov’s job to decide what is and isn’t porn. That’s MY job!

    And what Mike V. said.

  9. Adam Lawson Says:

    This is also why I think Santorum is too stupid to be president. The internet will route around his stupid little plan. We can’t even effectively stop child pornography, which is a) disgusting and b) viewed by a small minority of the internet. He thinks he can stop stuff that a *majority* views?

    Just what kind of a nut is he?

  10. Jake Says:

    Just what kind of a nut is he?

    A religious nut. Facts and reality don’t matter, because he believes that his God demands this.

    And what Mike V. said.

  11. junyo Says:

    @Adam Lawson
    Pathetically enough, the kind of nut Romney can’t close out. The GOP nomination process has the feeling of a drawn out act of political suicide.

  12. Nylarthotep Says:

    Another proof that Santorum is NOT a small government conservative.

    The GOP got several stinking piles to run against Obama and sadly they are the better choice. Not a good one mind you, just better than Barry.

  13. Kevin Baker Says:

    OK, FINALLY a reason to prefer Romney.

  14. Kristopher Says:


    I wanted to support Santorum. But if he is too religious to resist this baited tiger pit the Democrats have dug for him, then he needs to be kicked to the curb.

  15. Kristopher Says:


    Yep … Obama has set the house on fire.

    It’s time to stop arguing about what color to paint the walls, and put the damned fire out.

  16. blounttruth Says:

    He also wants to make birth control illegal for even married couples, cause slick Rick only has his knob polished when reproducing. Exactly what the nation needs in its time of peril, a religious zealot spending our tax dollars telling us how to live. I think this is the result of him being breast fed to 21.

  17. Mike Says:

    So, to sum up the state of the race:

    Romney won’t repeal ObamaCare — just tinker around the edges (per one of his many advisors). He’s iffy on the 2A. He seems to have all the charisma of a limp biscuit, and the fortitude to match. He’s got a sense of entitlement ’bout as big as that shown by Bam-Bam. He alienates the So-Cons with the whole gay marriage and RomneyCare abortion thingy. And he’s been burning bridges with the Repub base since this thing got started.

    And, in this corner, we got little Ricky, who voted for MediCare Part D, has a bug up his butt about internet pron, and considers himself the type of “team player” who will sell his soul as long as it’s “for the team” (read: will do whatever Karl Rove and his ilk tell him to do).

    The rest of the pack barely nudges the meter.

    I better get to Intratrade and put my money on Bam-Bam. I think he’s got this one locked.

  18. Rivrdog Says:

    I can feel the breeze from all the Santy-filk fleeing, all the way out to here in Oregon, even though he refused to come here and dee-bate.

  19. Lottaguns Says:

    Well, if it looks like Santorum has a slight chance of winning, the price of porn is going to skyrocket.

    I think we better start buying up as much of it as we can just in case.

  20. Todd S Says:

    If we stop all internet porn, the mouse industry will go out of business!

  21. chris Says:

    I feel safer now.

  22. Ron W Says:

    The real crime upon which we need to crack down is the Federal Gov’t cracking down on the many things for which it has no “delegated powers” to crack down.

  23. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “It’s good to see RINOs fiding new ways to raise taxes! Every little bit helps us to get America to the 100% taxation that is communism. Keep up the good work, Rick!”

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