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Protecting your junk

I like my tactical underoos. But it’d be better if they were bullet proof. So, here you go.

6 Responses to “Protecting your junk”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Somehow I think if you got shot in the crotch while wearing this armor your would WISH you were dead….

  2. HL Says:


  3. BobG Says:

    We need a Tactical Codpiece. It probably wouldn’t need a rail, though.

  4. comatus Says:

    SLO’s only. So, they’ll run you in for having one?
    Desire to preserve genitals is prima facie evidence of criminal intent.

    Future patdowns are going to make the airport seem icily reserved by comparison. It’s a short-arms race.

  5. Kristopher Says:

    BobG: if the tactical codpiece was big and long enough ( like Blackadder’s “The Black Russian” ), it would probably demand a rail for an aiming laser.

    Or a bayonet, if you really do need to compensate.

  6. kahr40 Says:

    Ok so maybe you don’t blow ’em off but the impact turned them into paste. Owww!

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