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Jeanne Assam, update and bump

For those who missed it, Jeanne Assam, the heroic woman who shot a mass shooter at the New Life Church, has a website and a book for sale. She’s also looking for a job in law enforcement and having a tough time of it. So, if you know of anyone, help her out. And buy her book.

9 Responses to “Jeanne Assam, update and bump”

  1. The Duck Says:

    I ordered 6 copies

  2. SGB Says:


  3. Jeff Says:

    If she is serious about obtaining another career as a LEO, she needs to lessen her interwebz footprint. In the real world I have no doubt she would make a fine LEO, but her blog is working against her. So is the termination from Minneapolis. There are definitely departments that would overlook the termination( I know people that work for WMATA and DCPS that have been terminated from other agencies), but the blog thing really isn’t a good idea. It gives someone a chance to form an opinion on you prior to meeting you in person, and you never know what type of person that is going to be.

  4. John Smith. Says:

    Her book must not be very good…

  5. MSJ Says:

    The Duck- Thank You. She told me about that order on the phone. She was amazed.

    Jeff- You are not wrong. The problem is the things on her blog are true,and she is a big fan of speaking the truth. She is not a fan of liars. Which is how she would label MPD, the church leadership, the coroner who said the shooter killed himself, and the MSM.

    John- Her book is self published. I just found it about 2 months ago, and I am a highly skilled blogger with no life. (There are reviews on amazon if you want to look.)

  6. Secret Squirrel Says:

    I’m sure I’d like her if I met her in person, but I really don’t like her attitude towards being called a civilian. Not actively serving in the military? Then you’re as civilian as I am.

    And I agree that she should reduce her footprint if she wants a LEO job.

  7. John Smith. Says:

    My bet is she cannot pass the psych for police entrance. There is a reason no one wants to touch her… I highly doubt it is the liberal media conspiring against her folks…

  8. MSJ Says:

    My fault for not posting this earlier:

    “I read my quote you added to Say Uncle and I sounded harsh and may have offended people, but I didn’t mean to.

    The reason I say I wasn’t some “civilian” who got lucky is because I had my beloved police career in Minneapolis ripped away from me from some bogus charge alleging that I called a bus driver an a**hole when I didn’t.

    Because of that, the media kept calling me “security guard” after the shooting. Any police officer would find that insulting. I hope you can understand now why that label bothers me so much.

    I was not given a medal of valor from Colorado Springs PD as a licensed police officer, which I was then and still am, but as a citizen. I appreciated the medal, but that was a huge slap in the face, as I’m sure any police officer would understand.

    Enough said. Please feel free to post this on Say Uncle and I apologize if I offended anyone.”

  9. trackerk Says:

    Sounds to me like she has been Richard Jewelled. For some reason the press can hardly stand a non-government-actor as hero. Goes against the narrative.

    That said, I’m with Jeff, she needs to get off the internets. Tell the truth in your memoirs at life’s sunset — not while trying to find a job. I read her blog as: the last two employers I’ve had are lying liars who lie and I hate them; also, I may be developing a drinking problem. Any employer would have to ask if they want to be added to that list in a couple of years.

    She’s a hero. I salute her and hope she finds a job that is rewarding and peace in her soul.