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We’re gonna save you to death

Man’s Life Alert triggered, police show up to help and end up killing him.

7 Responses to “We’re gonna save you to death”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    To Punish and Enslave.

  2. MHinGA Says:

    A little early to know what actually happened, and we may never know. But hey, let’s not let that get in the way of drawing sweeping conclusions.

    Look, I despise what government is doing to us, and frankly think that only a revolution that will never come could save us from the dependency death spiral. All I’m saying is that all reportage that is slim on crucial facts should be treated with skepticism, whether it lends itself to our political cant or not.

  3. Dann in Ohio Says:

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”… AAAhhhhhhh… Run, man run…

    Dann in Ohio

  4. junyo Says:

    But hey, letís not let that get in the way of drawing sweeping conclusions.

    Okay, completely open mind. In what possible scenario does a person alone in a residence not planning a future crime or being a threat to others – and no one is alleging either of those circumstances were true right up until the police had forcibly entered the residence – does not responding to your Life Alert warrant being forced to allow the police into your home? And is there the slightly bit of evidence that had the police simply gone away when asked that anyone would’ve gotten injured?

  5. JFM Says:

    This story seems a little off topic, please bear with me. When I was a kid we had a family friend who was a NYC police officer and he would tell us all kind of stories. One story was about a call he and his partner got involving a disturbance at a bar. The bar was a watering hole for Indian steel workers and one Indian had cleared the entire bar. My family’s friend distracted the guy (who he described as “The biggest f’n Indian I’ve ever seen)and his partner hit him behind the ear with a nightstick. The Indian turned and said, “Don’t do that again.” They left the bar.

    See, the two police officers left not because they were afraid of the big Indian, but because they knew the only thing they could do was kill him. They decided to walk away. I guess they don’t teach cops that anymore.

    They cops in White Plains didn’t do that, so they ended up killing somebody.

  6. Jeff Says:

    @junyo-medical emergencies are grounds for extigent circumstances to forced entry into homes, even though the FD usually does it. All they know is that his life alert went off. It could have been an accident, it could have been a home invader, it could have been anything. It’s the same if your neighbors call 911 and say they hear you beating your wife, and when the police arrive you say you are home alone. They didn’t arbitrarily pick your house to come to investigate, and whether you like it or not they are acting in good faith when they do a protective sweep of your house.

    What happened once they got there, I don’t know. But I do know everyone would be hemming and hawing if the article read that a former Marine pressed life alert because of a home invader, and the police showed up and left because the home invader said everything was okay.

  7. junyo Says:

    There was no medical emergency, and according to the story, that the police have apparently corroborated, the resident asked the police to leave. Are you seriously suggesting that once you buy a Life Alert, any triggering of the device leaves the user zero option other than allowing the police entry into your residence? I’m pretty sure they don’t show that feature in the ads. I’m also pretty sure that having purchased the Life Alert, the expected response to a medical emergency was not a bunch of men with guns, therefore the notion that he voluntarily summoned them to his house, and having a bunch of officers outside his door demanding entry was a perfectly predictable consequence seems a bit of a stretch.

    I may indeed have hemmed and/or hawed if the police left after someone else assured them that the Life Alert had inadvertently been triggered. But the simple fact is a home invader didn’t answer the door. The identity of the resident never appears to have been in doubt. Therefore I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the mindset that says that a person had their home forcibly entered to help them, against their stated will, the resident gets killed by the helpers, none of whom wind up with so much as a paper-cut, and there are circumstances that make that a reasonable outcome.

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