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In Tennessee

A look at carry permit numbers.

4 Responses to “In Tennessee”

  1. andy Says:

    Those numbers are lower then I though they would be.

  2. martywd Says:

    Compared to TX (where I live), TN’s stats look pretty good.

    TX – CHL’s 461,724 — Pop. Total – 25,674,681
    TN – THP’s 343,761 — Pop. Total – 6,403,353

    Tennessee with ~1/4 of TX’s population has just 100,000 less folks with concealed handgun permits.   Not to shabby for TN.

    (Latest Pop stats from wikipedia, latest TX CHL stats from

  3. Lissa Says:

    Those numbers would be far more meaningful if they were shown as per capita. Amirite?

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:

    There are only 30K active in Alaska, with a population approaching 700K, figure half of those are eligible so about 1 in 10?

    Of course even prior to Con Carry you only needed a permit in a formal Municipality so of the 1/2 of the state that’s theoretically eligible only 2/3’s(?) would even have to bother, if they weren’t looking for reciprocity while travelling. So now we’re at more like 1 in 6 or so, adjusted.

    First time I ever air-pencilled that out.

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