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9mm Suppressed Bolt Action Carbine

Silent destroyer:

I kind of want one.

12 Responses to “9mm Suppressed Bolt Action Carbine”

  1. nk Says:

    Discharge no louder than cycling the action.


  2. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    Who did the re-work on the old Destroyer? Clearly a new stock, refinish, Remington F&R sights (front looks to be off a 788 or Nylon 66), and assuming the originals weren’t threaded someone did that, too.

    Looks really nice, a beautiful modern rendering of an old classic. Did it get re-chambered as well or is it in the original Largo?

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fred Says:

    I more than kind of want.

  4. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’d like a Delisle Carbine. Loaded with heavy subsonic .45 projectiles, I think it would be a better performer than a 9mm in this particular instance.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Sounds like a stapler.

  6. That Guy Says:

    Man, I have been looking for a Destroyer for YEARS.

  7. Barry P. Says:

    Wow…except for the gentle recoil nudge, you would never know he was really shooting. Yeah, I want one.

  8. David Says:

    That’s cool that Matt Damon has one and was willing to shoot it for the video.

  9. HL Says:

    A company in FL called RASE used to do a integrally suppressed Destroyer in 45 ACP in the 90’s. That would have been the ticket…not that the one above sucks at all!

  10. Bruce MacMahon Says:

    My old Crosman 10-pump was louder than that.

  11. GarrettJ Says:

    Hey guys – that’s me shooting. Work was done by Mike Klos of American Manufacturing. Stock is original, refinished. We talked about shortening the breech end of the barrel to re-chamber in 9×19 and re-setting the sights. In the end we decided it would be cleaner and easier to just buy a new barrel blank and chamber it in 9×19.

    The original mags don’t like to feed the shorter ammo unless I download to 3 or so. I’ve got some 1911 9mm mags on order. I plan to cut a notch for the mag catch and use these. They should work better, as they were designed for the shorter round. I could always load some extra long ammo, but the whole point of rechambering it to a more common round was to not have to use special ammo.

    Thanks for the comments.

  12. Gregory Markle Says:

    The fatboy is me…the gun is a British Enfield rifle fitted with a Thompson submachine gun barrel fed by 1911 magazines…with a Sionics Mac-10 submachine gun suppressor attached. Crazy weird but REALLY quiet!

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