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Josh Horwitz thinks you’re a terrorist

Civil discourse:

Open Carry is instead a political statement in the best tradition of John Wilkes Booth, Timothy McVeigh, Sharron Angle and Ted Nugent.

Yes, Josh Horwitz lumped Nugent and Angle in with a murderer and a terrorist. What a loon.

His whole screed is this notion that it’s easier to buy and carry a gun than to vote. And that is nonsense.

14 Responses to “Josh Horwitz thinks you’re a terrorist”

  1. thirdpower Says:

    And Elliot Fineman says we’re all just Cho’s/Loughners waiting to happen.

  2. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:

    And people like Elliot Fineman and Laddy Everitt are just Ted Bundy’s waiting to happen

  3. breda Says:

    As far as I’m aware, dead people aren’t buying guns.

  4. mikee Says:

    I note that the linked article, on one of the web’s premiere liberal sites, has zero comments. Because guns are scary ‘n stuff, I guess.

  5. Craig Says:

    Actually we prefer “domestic extremists.”

  6. mikee Says:

    I take it back; due to comment moderation (we won’t call it censorship) there are now 2 listed and 4 more waiting review. And the two posted are against the author.

    And if getting a gun is as easy as voting, when will all libraries start providing service for concealed carry permits, like they do for voting registration?

    And when will the “Motor Voter” laws that allow voter registration at the DMV get similar “Motor Carrier” laws where walk-in customers can walk out with a Concealed Carry License?

  7. junyo Says:

    Forget that, when people like Horwitz become vehemently opposed to me having to give the state so much as ID before I exercise the right (let alone two forms, plus a background check – even in gun friendly states) maybe then I’ll take him even slightly seriously.

  8. RWC Says:

    I love watching them fail at everything they do.

  9. Blake Says:

    But standing outside of a voting precinct with billy clubs and in uniform is OK? (at least according to the DOJ)

    Just trying to understand the “rules.”

  10. Sigivald Says:

    I’m surprised he left out Charles Whitman and Sirhan Sirhan.

  11. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Now, Charles Whitman did some good shootin’. Glad I wasn’t there, but, you know.

  12. Erin Palette Says:

    Seems to me that The Nuge has standing to sue for libel and/or defamation of character. After all, they’re equating him with convicted murderers.

  13. Critter Says:

    when the anti’s are reduced to juvenile insults it means they’re out of arguments and we are winning. desperation makes for a stinky perfume.

  14. Jerry Says:

    I am the last person anyone will ever see OC’ing, but if someone else want’s to do it, I won’t try to stop them. As for the dweebs, bad publicity is still publicity. And +1 to #12. I know Young Ted has some lawyers just twitchin’ to garner a well earned commission.