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Overzealous administrator or bad reporting?

In this post on a school system suspending a student for making a gun video, comes an update from comments:

At the end of the video, he says something about another student, then holds up his middle fingers and says that is for one person in his class.

If the kid made a specific threat, then I don’t think the school is overreacting. Bad reporting and not showing the youtube video lead to misconceptions.

3 Responses to “Overzealous administrator or bad reporting?”

  1. Kristopher Says:


    Some GFW in the newsroom thought that merely showing a video of guns was good enough reason for expulsion, and had no clue he was leaving out the punchline.

    I still think firearms safety and marksmanship classes are needed. If some school kid in a Swiss school did this, the other students ( all of whom live in houses full of guns … that they are trained to use ) would just laugh at his stupid posturing ass.

  2. mikee Says:

    Suppose another 10 year old at school didn’t believe the accused actually owned or had used the firearms in the video, and challenged him to prove it. This seems a good way to do so without any school involvement (well, before the school actually got involved). The accused did his bragging via YouTube. The gesture seems perfectly well warranted in a 10-year-old context.

    I’d still like to see the video and judge for myself. I’ve flipped off any number of people in my life, and have yet to go on a killing spree. YMMV, but the vast majority of males in this country can say the same thing quite truthfully, as can the accused 10 year old.

  3. TIM Says:

    I kinda agree with Mikee maybe it was a bragging rights thing.But still it is kinda crazy it came from a Ten year old.I really dont think expelling the kid even if it is to be on the safe side was the correct approach.

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