Bashing v. reasoning

Look, I like you guys. I really do. But let’s have a chat. Whenever I say that I prefer a Glock/Android/9mm/Sacred cow over your 1911/iPhone/.40/Sacred cow, it’s just why I prefer it. It’s not because you suck and I hate you. The iPhone is a fine phone, .40 is a fine caliber, and the 1911 is a fine pistol. But I prefer alternatives and for different reasons. And I spell those out. You may not agree or you may find that the reasons you like whatever it is you like are more important than the reasons I like what I like.

I’m not bashing it or you. Unless you’re a hippie.

I kid. I know hippies and I like them fine.

37 Responses to “Bashing v. reasoning”

  1. Bat Chain Puller says:

    My favorite hippies are the ones who do communal farming and show up at the farmers market. If you like the ones that make pottery and candles, then you suck.

  2. Hippies Suck says:

    I liked this place a lot better when you didn’t like hippies. Try to be all things to all people and you end up being nothing to nobody.

  3. HiddenHills says:

    besides. Anyone knows Kel-Tec doesn’t make a .40 cal anymore.

  4. Mark says:

    I’ve lost a lot of sleep over people disagreeing with me on caliber choice! Why can’t they see that the product I buy is better than the product they buy?

  5. ExurbanKevin says:

    If it weren’t for hippies, we’d have no one to punch!

  6. SayUncle says:

    I’ve lost a lot of sleep

    Given the pixels spilled on the internet, you’d think people did.

  7. Bubblehead Les says:

    Oh yeah? So with THAT Attitude, does that mean your next car is going to be a Volt? Why, the difference between a ..355 9mm and a .400 S+W coming out of the Same Gun at the Same Speed could cause someone to DIE!

  8. Shelley Rae says:

    My sacred cow is totally the best anyway.

  9. 4strokes says:

    Frequent hippie bashing was the only reason I bothered to read this rag. What next? I know the Dennis Henigan and I like him fine…
    I say joke ’em if they can’t take a f#!*.

    BTW: you are so wrong on the whole Android thing…

  10. Hippies Suck says:

    I knew this would happen eventually. Uncle is going Metro-Sexual. This is how it starts kids.

  11. HL says:

    He didn’t even mention manual transmissions vs automatics in this post.

  12. Robb Allen says:

    *looks at the title of a recent post on his blog*

    *looks for a pamphlet describing ‘Tongue in Cheek’ to hand out*

  13. SGB says:

    I don’t think you’ve bashed anything. You simply state your preference. There are others who bash, and that’s fine too because variety is the spice of life.

  14. Jeffersonian says:

    I’ve always preffered vagabonds and hobos over hippies. They just seem more noble somehow.

  15. Riley F. says:

    Sacred cows have the most delicious meat!

  16. Sid says:

    As the Illustrous Pontentate of the the Mormon-Wiccan Faith, I take great offense at your use of the word “Sacred cow”. Cow should be capitalized as in “Sacred Cow”.

    Otherwise, no offense taken at all in this or any other posts.

  17. Critter says:

    oh gawd, now i suppose bunny hugging is next.

  18. jon spencer says:

    I like to beans in my chili too.

  19. Todd S says:

    I prefer the Sacred Pig. Those of you who wish to join my group, The Fat Panthers, are welcome to do so. Remember, bacon is the fruit of the pig!

    And .45 is the only way to fly 😉

  20. Tirno says:

    Hippies? Really? I suppose next you’ll tell us you’re on Team Edward.

  21. Hippies Suck says:

    Explain why being tolerate of intolerant people gains anything. Hippies hate guns, God, cold beer, and America.

    Why are we supposed to be nice to them?

  22. SayUncle says:

    You must not know any real hippies.

  23. Hippies Suck says:

    “You must not know any real hippies.”

    Okay, what is a hippie these days? I’m thinking OWS. The old hippies are now Libertarians.

    Use your terms correctly.

  24. Joel says:

    Some of us old hippies are gun-toting, beer-swilling anarchists. Who are not atheists.

    Also, my sacred cow is way better than your sacred cow.

  25. Jim says:

    I prefer my Sacred Cow done Medium Rare, with a side of baked potato drowning in melted butter n’ sharp cheddar. With a good Cabernet, or Newcastle Ale.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  26. Hippies Suck says:

    “Some of us old hippies are gun-toting, beer-swilling anarchists. Who are not atheists.”

    Like I said, guns, God, and cold beer.

  27. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    As the leading philosopher of the 21st Century says; “Cantz weze all gets long?” — Rodney King

    BTW: Sacred Cow Burgers are REALLY tasty!

  28. Jerry says:

    Dolphin:It’s the NEW white meat.

  29. HiddenHills says:

    baby seal soup, with a spotted owl burrito

  30. Jerry says:

    No, baby seals are fatty. And spotted owls, what caused the spots?!? I’ll bet they were living in a tree, next to a creek, near a C@#$ V&^% junkyard.

  31. Alan says:

    >>Some of us old hippies are gun-toting, beer-swilling anarchists. Who are not atheists.<<

    Yep. My sister and her husband were serious hippies 30 years ago.
    Now, they're successful, laid back, beer drinking, BBQing, CCW holding, Glock carrying, republican voting Libertarians.
    (republican voting because they don't want to waste their vote on Ron Paul or the Libertarian Party, while they hate the big government republicans)

  32. tankergrunt says:

    Modern “Progessives” have taken politics so far to the left that the “hippies” of the 60’s are the libertarians of today.

    And I guess I’ll just keep my thoughts on Glocks to myself!

  33. Hippies Suck says:

    “Modern “Progessives” have taken politics so far to the left that the “hippies” of the 60′s are the libertarians of today.”

    Thanks, you explained that well.

    I have no use for the OWS crowd. They are just socialist parasites sucking on our hard work while they try to destroy a republic we fought to build. I see no reason to be cordial to them. They are the fucking enemy.

  34. Jimmie says:

    Well as long as you know that glocks suck and go buy a sig.

  35. Cargosquid says:

    But everybody here likes Jeff Gordon, right?

  36. Beaumont says:

    The only old hippies who are not libertarians today are too stoned to pay attention.

  37. Kim says:

    Well, you can tolerate all this new-fangled crap (.40S&W, DA-only pistols, AR-15s, plastic handguns, automstic gearboxes, tofu, wine coolers, the new Beetle and progressive politics) if you want.

    Me, I’ll cling to my .45 1911, Swedish Mauser, conservative politics, single-malt Scotch, side-by-side shotgun and steaks. We’ll see who ends up happier.