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Guns and media round up

Some good news. A Forbes piece goes after the gun control lobby with truth. You rarely see dismissal of the anti-gun case out right in the press. But here it is:

As much as gun control advocates might wish otherwise, their attacks are running out of ammo. With private firearm ownership at an all-time high and violent crime rates plunging, none of the scary scenarios they advanced have materialized. Abuse of responsibility by armed citizens is rare, while successful defensive interventions against assaults on their lives and property are relatively commonplace.

Contrast that to other recent media stories:

Fact checking NBC’s gun lies.

Anti-gun bias at NPR:

When asking NRAs representative about their support for state preemption laws, the host phrased the question as, Why is NRA against police chiefs? No, Im not kidding.


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  1. Suki Says:

    Thank you for the YouTube link Uncle!

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