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You know what would keep American guns out of Mexico?

Border control. But, instead, the Mexican president would rather we pass more gun laws. The firearms industry responds to his nonsensical claims.

7 Responses to “You know what would keep American guns out of Mexico?”

  1. Ron W Says:

    It’s the regional government NAFTA way, the NAU way, with open borders and police-state, Billmof Rights trammpling tyranny.

  2. Kristopher Says:

    The President of Mexico knows that spouting this crap is needed to keep the foreign aid flowing from Hillary’s State Department.

  3. kuhnzoo Says:

    Just for laughs… someone should post a sign in El Paso (facing Mexico) that says, “No More Illegals!”

  4. Mike Says:

    Well, duh!

    Calderon wants this as an issue to distract from the fact that his country is turning into a narco-state udner his watch. This is the Mexican version of Obama’s “Pay Your Fair Share” canard — fodder for the sheeple. Just like Americans think the rich don’t pay their fair share, so do Mexicans believe that all their problems are the fault of the Yanquis.

    And Lord knows Calderon doesn’t want Mexicans getting a hold of American weapons. If Mexicans knew how deep the ties are between politicos and the drug cartels, and they were armed like we are, you’d see another Mexican Revolution tomorrow. A whoooooole lot of politicians died from lead poisoning during that little affair.

  5. Ron W Says:


  6. Ron W Says:


  7. B Dubya Says:

    90% of illegal arms in Mexico come from the Mexican military and other government sources, which are shot through with corruption and outright ties to the cartels. Only Shrillary and Calderon are dumb enough to try to sell that line north of the border.

    I’m not sure what percentage the ATF contributed in their illegal gun running scheme, but that seems to be the US’s biggest trafficking deal lately.

    Mexico is a failed state. Ripe for something unpleasant. I’m pretty sure we’ll want to contain it south of the border.

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