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These bills rarely pass

In VA, the bill to limit access to those with carry permits isn’t moving forward. Just like in several other states, it’s killed by the GOP. My theory (since I’ve received such mailers) is that the politicos want access to the list so they can send you political junk mail.

5 Responses to “These bills rarely pass”

  1. Jake Says:

    There’s a push to have it re-heard. One of the “no” voters (who happens to be the Senator for my district, and is normally pro-gun) appears to have been under the impression that Court Clerks currently have the option to withhold the information, when they really don’t (they have the option to withhold the SSN only – which is frightening in itself, because that means they have the option to release a permit holder’s SSN to anyone asking and without the permit holder’s consent).

    In fact, I need to email him again and pass on that last point, since it only registered with me while typing this comment.


    The GOP sees these lists as lists of potential donors and such for gun issues.

  3. Some Guy Says:

    Ding, ding ding. You are correct.

    I actually volunteered at a fairly high level with the GOP in multiple elections. Got a political job at one point. Gave money. But never received much junk mail until I filed for a CCP in Virginia. Within one month, I was on every GOP junk mail list that exists.

  4. MichaelB Says:

    Gee, even here in Illinois our registration data is safe. Of course that just passed last year. If we can get it passed, anyone can. For donors, the state’s rifle association list would be a much better place to start.

  5. chris Says:

    In Oregon we have One dickhead in the state senate that doesn’t think our info should be private. Floyd Prozanski either kills all pro gun bills in HIS committee or screws them up so bad with amendments that there worthless. That’s what he’s trying to do with HB4045 that insures CCW privacy. He doesn’t care about Oregonians privacy, only cares about the progressive agenda.

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