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Starbucks Appreciation Day

It’s today. I did not stop this morning at our local Starbucks because the drive through line was backed up to the street. Not sure if that’s the usual or not. But I took it to be a good sign. Will swing in later.

21 Responses to “Starbucks Appreciation Day”

  1. Barron Barnett Says:

    The wife’s got a 12 hour shift today, 0700-1900, so we’re swinging by after work.

    I’ll tweet it and blog it tonight when we get home.

  2. El Bombardero Says:

    I’m drinking my grande caramel mocha frappiccino right now. My glock is thanking me for letting her get some fresh air.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    Barista at the one I went to this morning said she’d never seen it that busy before.

  4. Canthros Says:

    I had a chai and a cheese danish this morning. Seemed busy, but I don’t get in there during the morning often enough to know.

  5. ghop Says:

    When are the antis going to learn not to mess with the law-abiding gun owners. This boycott of Starbucks is going to be one of the best business days of the year. I wish I had one near me. Thank you Starbucks for standing up for our Constitution, which is more than I can say for our Impostor-in-chief in the Whitehouse.

  6. MAJ Mike Says:

    Went through one this morning at about 0930 CST. Usual crowd of pousers, I had my NRA jacket and EOTech cap on. Got a largest (I don’t speak Italian) Cafe Moccha and left a $2 tip. Didn’t look like any other gun owners present.

    Hope it’s a good showing elsewhere.

  7. Hartley Says:

    Went the extra mile and got my morning fix at SB today – they were pretty busy, but I don’t really know if that’s normal or not.. no sign of any protesters..:-)

  8. Marq Says:

    Bought a round for my employees (6 coffee drinks and a box of danish) and made a point of asking to see the manager. Told her how much I appreciate Starbucks supporting the Second Amendment and carry rights and let her know my purchase is unusual (I don’t drink coffee myself) but I will be back now that I know the company supports issues that matter to me. She immediately brightened and thanked me. She also said she would let corporate know.

  9. Azul Says:

    Had a latte.

  10. Leatherwing Says:

    Don’t normally like their coffee, but wife and I went by at lunch, got a couple of drinks and a couple of gift items. And my venti cafe mocha is actually pretty tasty.

  11. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Had the Hot Mocha and a cheese Danish, which cost me $5.20. Crowd looked normal for a Mid-Week Morning, and the Anti-Gun Boycotters standing outside was Conspicuous by their Total Absence. Pictures will be at Weer’ds Blog later.

  12. pignock Says:

    There are no Starbucks close to me so I had to settle for picking up a fourpack of Vanilla Frappucinnos for for wife for St. Valentine’s day from wally world.

  13. trackerk Says:

    I bought 2 hot chocolates at the one near my house. There were a few people there at 11:30. No idea if that is typical since I’ve never been to Starbucks before. I prefer my caffeine in soda form. I paid cash, so I’m sure the FBI has been informed. But I forgot about the $2 thing. I did talk to the counter person about Krav Maga though.. so hopefully I still get credit.

  14. VaLawyer Says:

    I spent $17 in cash (probably triggering an FBI investigation) at Starbuck’s this morning on breakfast for the family and a yummy venti Pumpkin Spice Latte for me. It was 6:30 a.m. and fairly busy, but I think that’s normal. I’m not sure if there were any other gunnies there — we’re in the bluest part of Virginia (Arlington) — but I suspect the guy who parked next to me in in a Ford Expedition diesel may have been one.

  15. RedDog Says:

    Had a Caffe Mocha Grande in the store. Pricey! The place was packed at 10:30 AM but i was probably the only one carrying – concealed 1911. Paid cash (yikes!)

  16. Matt G Says:

    When I went in, I noticed a couple of stern middle-aged guys wearing vests, who were kind of unwinding with their coffee drinks. I fully believe that I wasn’t the only one carrying. I didn’t have cash on me (bad planning), but I bought $22 worth of coffee and coffee drinks. (Hey, my wife’s eyes lit up more over getting the Great Big Un* Iced Mocha than the two dozen tulips, when I came by her office.

    *I refuse to say “Vente“. It’s ridiculous. The iced coffee is roughly a quart’s worth of fluid, so it’s way over twenty ounces. Plus, making the guy squirm when I used my Texas nomenclature was so fun, I did it twice. 🙂

  17. Charlie Foxtrot Says:

    Been twice today – and taking the sweety after work.

    Paid with $2 Bills. At 0’Dark:30 this morning, Starbucks DID look busier than usual. Saw a Deuce in the tip jar.


    Epic Flail for the anti-gun nutters.

  18. GayCynic Says:

    Well, stopped in…had a quad venti mocha for the first time in ages…dropped about $50 in product. Suspect I wasn’t the only one going a little wild.

  19. casey1911 Says:

    I didn’t do anything heroic like the guys who spent $50 at their local Starbucks, but I’m hoping that people like me that don’t usually go there and get coffee will make a difference. Was going to pay with $2 bills but they were all out today at my bank. Coincidence…..I think not. Read my blog.

  20. BornLib Says:

    Got a strawberry smoothie and a pumpkin scone, tipping with the $2. The smoothie was unfortunately rather underwhelming. The scone was good, even if it had a completely unnecessary amount of icing on it.

    I plan to go again today and try one of their sandwiches.

  21. Melody Byrne Says:

    dropped in at the Starbucks in town on my way home from work. All the parking was taken. Earlier in the day I spoke to both supervisors from the two local SBs and both locations were much busier than usual for a Tuesday morning. For a rural area with only about 9k residents and really crappy internet access for most I’d consider that a win.