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Not sure why they’re called Media Matters since they mostly don’t matter

But I find it funny that a group of shills paid money to write hit pieces on gun rights was headed up by a guy with armed body guards. See, you shouldn’t have a gun because you can just hire a security team instead, right?

15 Responses to “Not sure why they’re called Media Matters since they mostly don’t matter”

  1. Peter Says:

    Better: the guy who was armed didn’t have a DC permit

    Even better: when the rest of MM found out that there was OMGAGUN!!! there was much butthurt.

    Bestest: the Brock fella we’re talking about is no-kidding-on-medication crazy.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    “Bestest: the Brock fella were talking about is no-kidding-on-medication crazy.”

    These guys fulfill their stereotypes even better than they say we do.

  3. SPQR Says:

    Media Matters is a quite evil bunch. Distinct from their ideology, they are vicious bile-filled little you-know-whats.


    They do matter. They are the organization that guides left wing message discipline. They are what Journolist was intended to be.

  5. MAJ Mike Says:

    Ahhhhh, but we can’t let the WRONG people have deadly weapons.

  6. settles Says:

    Oh, Silly. Gun laws aren’t for THEM!

  7. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Ditto with Redacted. MSM is marching in lockstep because of these guys. Not just because they’re providing the message, but also because they’re conducting organized smear campaigns against anyone that dares get out of line or question their narrative.

  8. Critter Says:

    A recently leaked memo from this “orgaization” laid out plans to go to war against Fox News using every dirty trick in the book. If they decide to go through with it thwy will lose, but the comedy factor would be priceless.

  9. JKB Says:

    I like the personal assistant who, apparently illegally, started carrying a gun to protect his boss. Untrained, unlicensed, clueless. It seems his idea was, if anyone starts anything, he’d shoot every conservative in sight.

    And of course, gun laws aren’t for them. They’ve got real threats, just ask the paranoid rich guy on medication. Ask him, he’ll tell you, there out to get him.

  10. melanerpes Says:

    I’m already tired of all the Brock’s Glock schlock making the rounds (9mm rounds).

  11. melanerpes Says:

    If you’re shocked by Brock’s Glock, you’re not paying attention.

  12. melanerpes Says:

    Brock’s no jock. The Glock’s his cock.

  13. mark Says:

    didn’t mmfa try and warn us that beck was crazy?
    irony, that it was pushed by another crazy.

    of course the mmfa glen beck pogram took months of planning, coordination, and calculation,

    while the daily caller blows the lid off of brock’s crazy pot in less than 48 hours.

  14. Andrew Says:

    And they are a tax exempt organization!

  15. richard40 Says:

    I had always been skeptical of conspiricy theories, but in this case it looks like there is a real proven conspiricy.