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OMG she has vocabulary

Queens parents upset because their kid’s spelling word is ‘gun’. Yes, let’s demonize an object that we’d rather pretend doesn’t exist then wonder why kids have gun accidents. Time to be the adult there, Sparky.

8 Responses to “OMG she has vocabulary”

  1. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “What’s the point in being an adult when displaying a juvenile paranoia advances our Marxist gun ban agenda? It works for US! Ha! Ha!”

  2. AZ Fortune Cookie Says:

    I guess you don’t want to associate guns with robbers in Queens. God forbid that a kid would ever find out how the real world works. Of course, New York has such strict gun laws that I’m sure they don’t have any problem with robbers and guns. At all.
    When I was in grade school, I got in trouble once for doodling pictures of soldiers and zombies and all that, because there were guns, and pictures of guns weren’t allowed. I can’t believe we were allowed to get online at school, I’ve heard that there are websites were you can even buy guns that are just like the D.C. sniper’s!

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Good point AZ. If a kid draws anything gun related in class,and it’s time for “ZERO TOLERANCE!!!” (Or, “Zero Intelligence”, as I call it.) But if it comes in as part of a printed lesson, meh. Teh hypocrisy, it burns!

    On the other hand, how can these parents complain, for how can they be parents at all? They obviously have no genitalia.

  4. Teke Says:

    I guess they don’t want het to be able to read the schools warning text about a man with a “gun”

    Yo shatei why da scoo be txt’n me’s about sumdood wit gum?

  5. comatus Says:

    An erudite contribution to the coming national discourse on Gnu Control.

  6. BobG Says:

    Bleat, bleat, bleat…
    The sheeple never seem to STFU.

  7. SQPY Says:

    So while the reaction of these parents is clearly a product of a delusional perception of reality, I’m not clear why guns and robbers need to be on a 5 year old’s vocabulary list. In that respect alone, I find this odd.

    Responsible educational material editors really should have caught this and re-considered, not necessarily for political correctness reasons, but there have to be a lot of other more relevant words for a first grader to learn.

  8. mikee Says:

    Those kids are gonna end up like Woody Allen in Take the Money and Run, trying to rob a bank with a gub.

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