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Charges dropped against Ciener

Mentioned his arrest before. Looks like charges have been dropped:

Ciener’s attorney, Greg Eisenmenger of the Viera law firm Eisenmenger, Berry & Peters, P.A., told Brevard Times that the criminal charge was brought against Ciener after a few, but very vocal customers, had complained to law enforcement about not receiving merchandise after payment.

Eisenmenger said that his client was able to provide records to the State Attorney’s office which demonstrated that thousands of orders had been filled and that the lengthy back orders represented less than 1 % of all orders.

9 Responses to “Charges dropped against Ciener”

  1. TomcatTCH Says:

    “while Ciener continued to process and ship a unique product that is in high demand.”

    Unique product?

    Isn’t lying in court still a bad thing?

  2. Mike V. Says:

    The DA’s office there usually only prosecutes slam dunk cases. Not too suprised.

  3. comatus Says:

    One per centers. They cause all the trouble.

  4. mikee Says:

    I wonder if there was a side agreement about the next 1% of production, and where they are shipped. Cuz if I wasn’t getting my order filled, PDQ, I’d continue to be vocal about it.

  5. CarlS Says:

    Makes me wonder if – just possibly “if” – this case was escalated into a “raid” instead of a simple visit because some of the players wanted to profit from confiscation of property, or if there is an anti-gun DA, or Sheriff, or . . .

    Although the chance exists that a pro-gun prosecutor, cop, whathaveyou, knew ahead of time what they would find and thus used this opportunity to point out the disingeniousness (and criminal intent) of the complainants.

    Just saying . . . ‘cuz until ALL files, communications, records are made public, you can never know. Especially with federal involvement, and the increasing insertion of intel agencies and their “tecnhiques”.

  6. Blackwing1 Says:

    Well, all I can say is that I’m glad I ordered me .22 conversion kit from Kimber rather than JAC. I read enough about failure to ship, and just plain failure to even talk to customers to not go with them.

    I’ll have to see how the Kimber turns out, though.

  7. Sigivald Says:

    Tomcat: Well, it was pretty unique when they started – I remember Back In The Day when Ciener seemed to be the only company doing .22 conversions.

    So I’ll give ’em a pass on that. I suspect that various subtle parts of the design might still be unique, as well.

    Plus it seems like that was his attorney talking to the press about the decision, not to the court – since, after all, the court case has nothing to do with any notional uniqueness of the JAC products, but accusations that he was simply taking people’s money and never even intending to ship them a product.

  8. one-eyed Jack Says:

    Times change,people change. He was a nice guy back in 1991 when I bought a suppressed Ruger pistol from him. Later, when I needed some brass eyelets to rebuild it he basically told me to bug off. And I’m an 07/SOT. Jack.

  9. HL Says:

    Yeah, I had good luck with him in the early 90’s…but since then I have heard mostly bad. He could have avoided the whole mess if he had chosen not to be a dick.

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