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Taxes, how I hate them

So, with a severance package and a rollover, I’m getting pounded in taxes year. As a side note, this website actually made money for once. Who’d have thunk it?

Update: As a point of clarification, it’s not so much that this site made money as much as it is I didn’t lose money as a gun writer.

12 Responses to “Taxes, how I hate them”

  1. A girl and her gun Says:

    Hate, hate, hate taxes! We got slammed this year. Big, big, big time. A good chuck of my fun gun money is going to Uncle Sam.

  2. Bryan S. Says:

    Ive got it set so my withholding takes out at much as i would ever get back. the only thing that drops it lower is my student loan interest (hopefully gone in a few years) and a HSA account, which are not part of the standard deduction.

    Somehow, I feel discriminated that I am not of a religious position to be able to declare myself a conscientious objector to Medicare and Social “Security”

  3. SGB Says:

    Making is better than losing any day.

  4. Jay G. Says:

    SGB beat me to it. I’m still working on that “not lose money as a gunblogger” thing. Taking the family to Vegas for SHOT killed that for this year…

  5. Robert Says:

    I also have a severance package and rollover in my taxes this year. Not looking forward to doing them…

  6. 45er Says:

    Come on, admit it. You’re part of the 1% (of people that seem to actually pay taxes). I feel a growing discrepancy between the givers and takers.

  7. Justthisguy Says:

    Speaking of getting pounded, how did the actual physical anal probe go? I hope and trust the Doc found that it was nothing serious, or at least not life-threatening.

  8. Dann in Ohio Says:

    Careful… those idiots camping out in DC will start calling you the one-percent…

    Hope all is looking up on the health side of things…

    Dann in Ohio

  9. Bubblehead Les Says:

    What’s a Tax Deduction? All of mine seem to have gone to some Solar Panel Company that went Bankrupt.

  10. Pete Says:

    Paid the most I ever have in federal taxes this year and got the least amount back.

  11. Chas Says:

    Jeff Cooper said that to be a gun writer you need to get fifty years of experience and marry money. Since reading Cooper’s advice on the subject, I’ve given the prospect of that job a wide berth. Good luck with that.

  12. Bram Says:

    The wife and I hit the AMT (alternative minimum tax) in the good years. The AMT makes our deductions magically disappear and our federal taxes go through the roof.

    And no, this puts me nowhere near the 1% here in New Jersey.

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