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Size matters

And options are good:

it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean

Each serves a purpose. Each has pros and cons.

13 Responses to “Size matters”

  1. 45er Says:


  2. Dann in Ohio Says:


  3. pdb Says:

    I can’t think of a single pro for the Para. Maybe it’s a better paperweight?

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Now I carry a Para P12 and love the hell out of it. I even bought a second, should my first wind up doing some time.

  5. Robb Allen Says:

    peedo, my Para (now that it’s tuned in) is more accurate than I ever could be and hasn’t had a single failure in years.

    It’s looking kind of rough though.

  6. LKP Says:

    No fair! You’ve got two more than I do. Damned Obamanomics!

  7. BornLib Says:

    I’ll take one of each, thanks.

  8. SPQR Says:

    Nope, wrong.

  9. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Hmmm. No revolvers. Interesting.

  10. Jerry Says:

    @Les, good point.

  11. Jerry Says:

    And, the laser dots do NOT impress me. Nice counter tops, though.

  12. Jerry Says:

    @Archie Manning, ‘dem boys is bad. Salute,

  13. Yiddishe Bloyger Says:

    Nice collection. For me, in order of size): Glock 33, compact 1911 (I think that’s referred to as the ‘officer size’), Ruger P95, and Glock 21. Like any good parent, I love all four equally.