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What 5 firearms would I purchase, should price nor practicality be an issue?

I’m with Robb, I tend to gravitate toward functionality (i.e., carry guns, practical rifles, and some plinkers). But guns I want were price not an object and I was tossing all practicality out the window:


1 – GE Minigun. At six thousand rounds per minute and with only one pre-86 model that pops up for sale every once in a while at the price of about a quarter million bucks, I can think of no more efficient and expensive way to turn money into noise.


2 – 10/22 suppressed pocket rifle with a Norrell trigger pack, making it a machine gun. A much less expensive way to turn money into not so much noise. SQUIRREL!!!

that's just sexy

3 – Tactical over under short barreled shotgun. Because it just looks damn sexy.

the sound of marketing

4 – The Glock 18. Utterly and completely useless for anything practical but referred to as Glock’s greatest marketing tool. I want one because I cannot have one. And, having shot one, it’s darn fun.

From 2010 NRA Annual Meeting

5 – Mare’s Leg. Again, useless but I can’t help but want one. I’d put a rail and an EOTech on it.

24 Responses to “What 5 firearms would I purchase, should price nor practicality be an issue?”

  1. ben Says:

    I’d put an H3 buffer on that to slow down the cyclic rate.

  2. ben Says:

    …and to reduce felt recoil.

  3. Kevin P. Says:

    Why do you call the Mare’s Leg useless? If the oversized loop for cycling the action were reduced, it would make a nice and compact rifle for the car and other uses.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Why do you call the Mare’s Leg useless?

    Because all manner of things do any job it can do better.

  5. HL Says:

    GAU-8 Avenger? Anyone?

  6. John Farrier Says:

    I’d like to own a 1903 Springfield and an 1892 Winchester. I’m not sure about the other three.

  7. Drake Says:


  8. TIM Says:

    Hell I Would Just Like To Own Any Semi Auto Here In Cali Without Stupid Mods.

  9. Mike V. Says:

    1 – A Les Baer engraved Centennial 1911 (A definite BBQ gun).
    2 – Holland & Holland double rifle in .416 Rigby
    3 – Diana grade over under 12 gague
    4 – 1928 Thompson (with Lyman sights and Cutts compensator)
    5 – A pair of vintage Tiffany engraved blued Colt Peacemaker with ivory grips

  10. Pete Says:


    1928 Thompson SMG

    MP5 in 10mm


    Quad 20mm flak gun

  11. Bill Says:

    GAU-8 Avenger was my very first thought and choice!

    Can I have the weapon carrier with it please?

    Everything else would be just gravy.

    If you aren’t familiar with the Avenger, look it up! They built this really cool carry vehicle around it!

  12. Swamp Thing Says:

    Don’t know if it counts but an RPG. Don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to shoot one. Recent Mythbusters episode just reinforced the desire.

  13. Chris P. Says:

    …I would only need that mini-gun if confronted by an alien with the ability to cloak himself…otherwise, a bit of overkill…

  14. Jughead Says:

    “I can think of no more efficient and expensive way to turn money into noise.”

    I can but I can’t afford my own A10 warthog, M1 Abrams, or MIG 29

  15. Fyooz Says:

    A TDE AutoMag in .41

    KelTec SU16 rebarreled for 6.5mm Grendel

    Any Barrett in .50

    my pipedreams are modest

  16. Mike LaForge Says:

    How about that new li’l 45-70 Gatling from the Shotshow?
    Any of the Barrett .50 cals.
    Mare’s Leg in .45 Colt just a’cause.
    Browning Hi-Power…. and a Sweet 16, again, just a’cause.

  17. MAJ Mike Says:

    For me:
    1 — MP44 with lots of 7.92 kurz ammo,
    2 — Cal 50 “Ma Duece” (everyone loves their Ma),
    3 — MP40
    4 — Moisin Nagant tricked out in sniper mode,
    5 — PPSh submachine gun.

    Yeah, I know. Dull and boring, but these are part of the History I so love to study.

  18. nate Says:



  19. Kristopher Says:

    Both variants of the FG42.

  20. Brad Says:

    Only five?

    German MP-43

    Swiss Stug-57

    Finnish Soumi KP/-31

    Japanese Type 64

    Russian AK-107

  21. Bryan S. Says:

    1- Any Drillings.
    2- 1 22 minigun. At least one example is out there.
    3. 8mm Japanese Nambu pistol with a few cases of ammo
    4. Tavor, the full thing, not some half asses convert to semi
    5. FNP90, not the PS90.

  22. chris Says:

    1. BAR 30-06 like Clyde Barrow used;

    2. Thompson 1928;

    3. Colt Pre-War National Match;

    4. Purdy shotgun;

    5. H & K Model 91 (308).

  23. Patrick Says:

    I’d take a quad-mount ma-deuce on the roof of my SUV (I’m counting it as 1 gun), and a vulcan from an A-10 warthog.
    Toss in an MP44, a Kriss Vector, and an XM25 grenade launcher and I’d be all set.

  24. Instinct Says:

    Since everyone seems to want the GAU-8 I present this video for your pleasure

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