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Told ya

Years back, when the public smoking bans were being enacted around the nation, some of us smarty pants libertarians said that based on the rationale put forth by supporters of such bans that perfume bans would follow. Well, here you go.

6 Responses to “Told ya”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    I am highly allergic to perfume but suing them for money instead of a settlement to get them to quit bathing in the stuff is a bit over the top…

  2. comatus Says:

    San Francisco was all over this already in the last century. They seem to fulfill the function that Boston had 100 years ago. But nobody calls them prudish.

    Just as every discussion of postage rates quickly devolves to how well you like your mailman, we will all fall to arguing over Axe, and the laws will go through.

    Hoppes #9, hardest hit? Nah. Castrol. It’s ricin oil.
    Nevertheless many find a drop behind the ear irrestible.

  3. comatus Says:

    Irresistible, as I say. Chanel talk for “poison.”

  4. The Comedian Says:

    The Office supplies a relevant quote from Mr. Stanley “The Manly” Hudson:

    “I don’t know who these new people think they are. I’ve sat downwind of Phyllis’ stinky perfumes for years. Never said a word.”

  5. mikee Says:

    This type of ban has been the norm for industries involving cleanrooms for about two decades, if not longer. Of course, there are actual, verifiable problems with volatile chemicals in cleanrooms where semiconductor or biological work is done. And if you have a cold and might sneeze, the rule was to stay at home or behind a desk in the office, not in the cleanroom.

  6. Robb Allen Says:

    Many moons ago when I didn’t pay attention to politics, I voted for the smoking ban here in Florida. I have come to regret that decision.

    I was an ex-smoker. I didn’t smoke, didn’t want to be sitting next to someone who did while eating, and didn’t want to be inconvenienced by having to choose a different restaurant to give patronage, so I did the easy thing – I pulled the lever to force my will on those at the barrel of a gun.

    Now I see that that same logic extends to me now. Some people are uncomfortable around the thought of other people carrying guns. It’s easier for them to demand the government force their views than go through the effort to find places where their bigotry is accepted.

    Still not a Big L libertarian, though. My wookie suit is far from luxurious and my bowcaster is a cheap, Taurus model. However, there’s a lot to learn from my mistakes, and this story is yet another data point in that infinite pie chart.

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