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You don’t need a bayonet

When your gun is actually an axe:

More axe guns at link.

6 Responses to “You don’t need a bayonet”

  1. jimmie Says:

    Sweet. Need one for my ar.

  2. Bryan S. Says:

    So where can we find one of those newer examples? My blackpowder regiment is pretty much for oddity right now, this would fit right in.

  3. comatus Says:

    Serrated edge? Black blade? Assisted opening.
    Needs more Tacticool. Wot no rail mount?

    For mass market, should be either plastic or Brazilian.

  4. NUGUN Says:

    When is your unloaded gun not a club? When it’s an axe!

  5. Canthros Says:

    If the dwarves had some of those, the Battle of Five Armies might have gone a little better.

  6. ExtremeTolerance Says:

    Perfect for your bail out bag.

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