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Isolated incident

Cop goes to wrong house for domestic dispute. Shoots and kills a chained dog the family recently rescued. Then threatens to blow the homeowner’s brains out.

21 Responses to “Isolated incident”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Isolated to America in general.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    The Curries said they don’t like what happened but can understand it.

    “Now that I know what he was dealing with and there’s human error, I can understand why it happened,” Bobbie Currie said.

    She and her husband also said the incident should serve as a lesson to officers to double check the addresses they’re responding to.

    Wow they are a lot more forgiving than I would be.

  3. HL Says:

    I realize cops are under a lot of stress…but fuck this guy.

    At what point do the excuses stop?

    A cop showing up at the crime scene is looking like a 50/50 proposition for the innocent.

  4. junyo Says:

    “The first officer faces no disciplinary action…”

    Well there’s your problem right there.

  5. JKB Says:


    forgiving or threatened?

  6. Oneday Says:

    I like how the article says he was “trying to help somebody else.” You see, he was helping them by shooting their dog and threatening them…he just had the wrong people.

  7. RobertM Says:

    He should be charged with animal cruelty and making a terroristic threat. He should be fired, tried, convicted, and thrown in prison.

    Instead, he’s walking the streets with a badge and a gun.

    Had the homeowner been armed and killed the man with a gun who just killed his dog he’d be sitting in a cell right now hoping he could plea out to life with the possibility of parole.

  8. wizardpc Says:


    That crossed my mind, too.

  9. RobertM Says:

    Oh, and hopefully no one was murdered across the street while he was busy being a douche at the wrong house.

  10. Dirk Says:

    No disciplinary action. For shooting a chained dog that lunged at him.

    Why did he even have his gun drawn at that point? Is it standard procedure for cops to walk around with their weapons at the ready, even with no actual or imminent threat? He was, apparently, still outside, and had not encountered any people yet – since they were inside minding their own business, not doing anything wrong.

    If he’d had the gun holstered, he would have had time to realize that the dog was chained, and was thus no threat.

  11. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    That is right out of a Reno 911! episode. Remember when the guy called Garcia to kill his cancerous dog and it turned out to be the neighbor’s dog?

  12. dropacop Says:

    And people wonder why I hate cops

  13. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Chained INSIDE the Garage? Threatens the Homeowner? No Disciplinary Action to Follow?

    So Canton. Ohio’s Finest Only One Officer Harliss found a new job, I see.

  14. Tam Says:

    This is why I hate all humans.

  15. chris Says:

    What is it with cops shooting harmless dogs?

    I like to run and on rare occasions a dog will bark at me or chase me a little, and I respond by facing it in a threatening manner and yelling at it.

    If need be, I would slug it.

    But the police union will protect this dreg, as they always do.

  16. Butch Cassidy Says:

    “dropacop” Really? Of everything you could have typed for a moniker, you chose one that implies a desire to kill people based on a career? Go suck eggs.

    I’d vote disciplinary action with the possibility of termination for the officer. And no matter what, paying the owner damages and paying the adoption price on a new puppy. Knowing what little that sparse article presented.

  17. ATLien Says:

    No, butch. JAIL. That’s what I would get if i showed and shot someone’s dog and pointed a gun at them and threatened to blow their damn head off.

    Ironic, considering your internet handle, that you would side with the maniac cop.

  18. Kristopher Says:

    I have to agree with ATLien here.

    The cop should get what any of us peasants would get if we did the same thing.

    If I heard what I thought was a domestic dispute next door, and went into that person’s garage, shot his dog, threatened to shoot him, and then discovered that the dispute was across the street, and left … what would happen to me, a non-cop?

    I would be charged, and probably convicted of animal cruelty, destruction of property, negligent discharge of a firearm, false arrest, ad whatever the local statute is that forbids death threats.

    And the person would sue my ass off as well.

    What happens in the US? The cop gets a wristslap by a superior, and keeps his job. Something is very badly wrong here.

  19. Rabbit Says:

    “The supervisor who showed up said an error was made by an officer who was trying to help someone else”.

    Go away and stop attempting to help me before I help you right back.

  20. Butch Cassidy Says:

    “Ironic, considering your internet handle, that you would side with the maniac cop.”

    1. I am truly and deeply sorry that I do not cry for prison terms to be handed out despite my expert knowledge of various cases gleamed from brief articles. I will try to foam at the mouth more often.

    2. Calling for disciplinary action to include canning and two levels of financial restitution is siding with the officer? My standards must be totally fucked. Thanks for setting me straight.

    3. From one article, you are calling him a maniac? We do not know what the homeowner said or did upon encountering the officer who expected to walk into an armed domestic. Not a term I am going to use or agree with others using when they don’t know any more than me.

    4. The officer was negligent in verifying the address, killed an animal, and . Fire him, let him give the owner lots of his money. A jury of peers can decide anything beyond that.

    5. Have a pictorial representation of the amount of sorrow I feel in #1:

    6. Butch Cassidy is a nickname christened by an.. bugger the explanation. There is one at my link.

    7. That link I mentioned in number 6? Goes to my blog. I’ll stop arguing after this. Anyone who wishes to continue can nag me there.

  21. SteveA Says:

    ATlien has it right in this case. Butch cassidy you are in the wrong here.
    Dropacop has the right idea. It’s just like the canton ohio cop. If an average citizen had done the exact actions he did, they would be in jail.
    Do i respect cops in general? Yes, however I kn ow for a fact that a bunch of them are murdering thugs that need to be put down.

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