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Electronic Round Counter. Ok, then.

.308 Hydra Modular Rifle

EOTech Will Introduce Compact Magnifier at SHOT Show

2 Responses to “For SHOT”

  1. Rob Reed Says:

    There is a place for an electronic round counter and its my understanding the .mil is especially interested in having that tech.

    The benefit isn’t so much “How many rounds are in my mag?” as it is “How many rounds have been fired by this weapon and where is it in the maintenance cycle.”

    I don’t know if the round counter you linked to is an example of that kind of “rounds fired per weapon life” type of counter or not, but there would be advantages to having that kind of tech on military small arms. (Especially things like MG’s). Knowing exactly how many rounds have been fired would help the military track parts replacement and maintenace better than estimates or “fix it when its broken” maintenance.

  2. jumpthestack Says:

    Dang it! I just bought an Eotech magnifier 2 months ago, and they come out with one that’s smaller, with more magnification and longer eye relief.

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