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Weerd says to light a candle and carry a gun to stop violence, lots of pics there. Ok, here’s mine:

burning at both ends

I don’t think people posting crappy cell phone pics of candles will do much. But carrying a gun helps.

16 Responses to “Candlepower”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    I wonder how long it will for someone to post a tactical candle mount?

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    The pictures do nothing. But the fact that we are standing up and saying we’re here, we’re armed, and we’re the good guys does a LOT.

    Just ask the gays! (A ton of which are probably getting married today!)

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    It’s all because the Antis want to take the Anniversary of the Tucson Shooting and turn it into a Holiday. But I notice that they didn’t pick the FT. Hood Massacre, nor Va. Tech, nor a typical Saturday Night in Chicago, etc. I guess you have to be a DemaCommie Congress Critter to get the “Special Day.” Ordinary Citizens of the Republic don’t count, just their Elected Employees. And don’t even THINK about the Pima County Sheriff’s SWAT Team!

  4. Calm Gun Says:

    Bubblehead Les hit the nail on the head. Thank you sir!

  5. thirdpower Says:

    And how many times did the intern retweet the ‘gun nuts politicizing a tragedy’ article?

  6. John Farrier Says:

    Here’s my contribution to the meme:

  7. Jack Says:

    A’yup Les.

    The gun control crowd is all about social classes.

    Note how they favor nations and states with strong May-Issue schemes. They don’t mind guns in the hands of the “right” people. They just don’t want you to have them.

    Not anti-gun, but anti-liberty.

  8. Bram Says:

    After an omelet this morning I lit a candle. Smelled like somebody fired a musket in the house.

  9. Beaumont Says:

    Does a Surefire count as a candle? In Where Britain Used To Be, it’s a “torch”. So here in the USSA, I should be able to call mine a candle. Granted, a really bright one…

  10. Brigid Says:

    Hopefully the words will resonate with someone more than the photo (it’s a replica, but a nice one).

  11. Paul Says:

    The “right” people to liberals are Limousine liberals only.

    You have to be a movie star or politician or very very big donor to be one of their “right” people.

    The ‘little’ people can just call 911.

  12. North and the Gun Blog Black List Says:

    I’m tickled that people are using the Gun Blog Black List – all the blogs that are listed there – to look at all of the picture submissions. I’ve been checking the list and it has been great to see how far Weer’d meme has traveled!

  13. MAJ Mike Says:

    Has anyone figured out a way to mount a candle on a picatinny rail? Mine keeps falling off.

  14. John Farrier Says:

    @MAJ Mike — you’ll just have to strap it on:,28408.msg375204.html#msg375204

  15. ohkay3 Says:

    Great looking holster. Who makes it?

  16. SayUncle Says:

    Galco summer comfort.