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What caliber for angry mob?

#Riot: Self-Organized, Hyper-Networked RevoltsóComing to a City Near You

16 Responses to “What caliber for angry mob?”

  1. Bryan S. Says:

    Something with decent capacity magazines and easy changes… or something with hard sides and 4WD.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    For me, its 150g .308, FMJ because in an angry mob, over-penetration is your friend!

  3. John Smith. Says:

    Selective targeting is how you control a mob. Target the ones leading the group and making the most noise. Those carrying the banners also works. Always shoot at the molotov carriers molotovs if you have the skill. A burning protester will get their attention. I would choose a low lethality high capacity weapon that would injure and force the protestors to help protect their leaders. Pistol wise I think the PMR-30 firing the .22 winmag cartridge would be excellent for such purposes. Would be quite effective. It can be lethal. Has low recoil and higher than average capacity. As for a rifle something .556 or 5.45 x39 with a small scope would work just fine.

  4. TomcatTCH Says:

    1919 and a few cans of linked ammo?

  5. Ian Argent Says:

    Detachable magazine shotgun, loading buckshot. Alternatively, a Tommy gun and a satchel full of stick magazines for either one. Preferably behind hard cover difficult to overrun. Assuming I can’t do the bug-out boogie.

  6. comatus Says:

    When All Else Fails Us
    We Have Got
    The Maxim Gun
    And They Have Not.

    Burma Shave.

    (I stand by my earlier opinion, that the Alexandria Arsenal 6-gauge Greene’s Riot Gun had particular virtues, if for nothing more than a smoke screen).

  7. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Well, it depends on the Riot. If you have a bunch of Occupying Pussies, just showing them a can of Pepper Spray may have them running in panic.

    If, however the Mob is made up of Street Types, GangBangers, Union Thugs and True Believers like the Black Panthers, then I recommend at a minimum a 9mm or larger Caliber Hi-Cap Semi-Auto Pistol. And a identical second one may be nice to have. Think New York Reload.

    Of course, one should get the Fuck out of the Danger Zone ASAP, but, if it goes into a several days long event like the Rodney King Riots or the 60’s stuff,and you are trapped behind the lines, then a Semi-Auto Rifle with a fast magazine change (which is why an AK is better than an SKS) would be handy. But you’ll also need to have a Back Up Person or 2, because you gotta sleep sometime.

  8. weaserdapi Says:

    Mobs scare the crap put of me. your best weapon is your brain, literally drop everything and use it. your second best weapon is well tied running shoes. get the f out of the situation asap. use fire exits if you’re trapped in a store or building, if you can blend in with the mob use it to your advantage to get out. I would not want to have to clear leather in a mob if at all possible, I would fear not having enough. enough gun, enough ammo, enough time. that being said lots of ammo of whatever you’re carrying and I would try slow methodical shots at the biggest loudest closest targets to attempt to scare the crap out of anyone in the area to run away, dont show a hesitation that gives the impression that youre done firing. if theryre running but not fast enough, put one in the floor to keep them going. run away

  9. HL Says:

    A Daisy Cutter.

  10. Heartless Libertarian Says:


  11. junyo Says:

    If you’ve got the wherewithal to deploy a daisy cutter (without it being an act of seppuku)you can just fly away from the mob.

    Claymores on the other hand…

  12. HL Says:


    Unless to re-arm, why would you fly away?

  13. Calm Gun Says:

    Fire works. Whilst roasting the rioters you can also piss off the climate geeks what with the burning fuel rising into the sky to destroy the ozone layer. So large file trucks with modified booms that sweep fire into the crowd.

  14. Veeshir Says:

    What caliber for riot control?

    I’d go with the classics, 12 gauge of course.

  15. Chas Says:

    Minigun for point defense. It shoots fast enough.

  16. Nathan Says:

    Well-written article, as usual for Wired. But what I love most is how people act so clueless as to how to get on top of this situation. The solution is easy: every shop owner gets a gun and goes to their shop. Moron A breaks in to loot and gets his ass dead by shop owner B. Not everybody can be at their shop all the time, obviously, but the cops knew which general neighborhoods had rioter in them. A public notice could have done alot of good, if only those shop owners had the legal right to defend themselves and their property. Imagine, a world where the police would actually help people curb crime, instead of trying to nanny them around (ineffectually).

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