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Gun Turn In

In Newark, turn in your gun owning neighbors, and get $1,000:

What could possibly go wrong?

49 Responses to “Gun Turn In”

  1. Bryan S. Says:

    Quick, if you have a local police officer, call this number now! They have a gun, and probably evil hooooollow points!

  2. Alex Says:

    If you check the city’s webpage, they give $1k to you if you call in illegal dumping.

    Man I could just drive around all day and make some cash!!!!

  3. Ron W Says:

    Enlisting the people to aid and abet the agents of tyranny!!!

  4. Barron Barnett Says:

    As my dad said growing up, 1-800-dial-a-nazi.

    DHS has a phone app. The real reason we don’t talk with neighbors anymore is we’re afraid they’re going to turn us in for something that is no-ones business.

  5. one-eyed Jack Says:

    Good use of taxpayer money. Jack.

  6. HL Says:

    Wow…no conviction needed, only an arrest. Believeable.

  7. dagamore Says:

    over a minute until he mentions that they are looking for illegal guns.

  8. SoupOrMan Says:

    Wow. You really can’t make stuff like that up anymore. The government will always beat you to it.

  9. PghYinzer Says:

    Does this go for legal guns too? they said walking around with a gun.. the message was very it for law abiding citzens? Criminals? Just an excuse to rat on your neighbor even if they are peaceful and have a permit to carry. that will be next ya know..

  10. Paul Says:

    what could go wrong?

    Buy a gun for $200, plant it on the victim, and turn them in for $1000.

    Easy money.

  11. Rauđbjorn Says:

    Y’all do realize this has been in place since at least 2009 right. I really have to wonder how effective this tool has been. And just how many of these rat-outs have been plants and how many have actually been people reporting actual criminals.

  12. Ian Argent Says:

    Nuts. Just nuts.

  13. Lautius Says:

    Typical. He’s willing to spend $1000, yet he only has $500 in his hand.

  14. Doug Says:

    Change the word “Gun” for “Jew” and add German accent…

  15. Gerry Says:

    Hello, yea there is this guy who’s been hanging around with some shifty dudes, and their dealing guns. Holder, his name is Eric Holder and he…Hello?

  16. Adam Says:

    I know he’s a member of MAIG, but he’s talking about *illegal* guns, people. Carrying a gun *illegally*.

    The only thing that bothers me is that no conviction is required, so stopping a carry permit holder might be an issue. Even then the reward is only paid out if they are arrested and the gun is confiscated, I assume permanently, while a carry permit holder would get their gun back.

    I see no problem here.

  17. SayUncle Says:

    The problem here is that you’re relying on your neighbor to determine if it’s illegal. No thanks.

  18. Sean Says:

    There are dipstick neighbors out there who cannot be relied on. Hell, I have a neighbor who descsribed Cub Scouts as a “paramilitary extremist organization”.

    There really are people who think an honest person has no need for guns.

  19. Braden Lynch Says:

    Like Doug, I was thinking that for every ratfink you get a swastika armband.

  20. Adam Says:

    Well, actually you are relying on the police to determine if it’s illegal. NJ issues carry permits (occasionally), so I’d hope that the police know how to find out if they are legitimate.

    Heck, maybe they even run the provided names through the small permit database before they take any action.

    I did come up with one problem with this system. The Newark police may try to use anonymous tips as probable cause for a search warrant, which I definitely have a problem with.

  21. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Hmm. “Gun Buy Back at a C-Note a Pop, or put the same gun into the Backyard of that Guy who Dissed me in front of my GirlFriend last week down at the Club for a G-Note? Where did I put my phone? ‘Sides, I can always get another Glock for all the Money the Mayor’s giving me, plus have a lot left over to party!”

    Yeah, what can go wrong?

  22. dustydog Says:

    As a bonus, because it is anonymous, every politically connected political organizer gets thousands of dollars of city cash. When they pay out for 100 times the number of arrests made, it’ll be a sorry-no-records tragedy.

    As a bonus, when you call back to get your money, the system says somebody else turned in your tip first, so no money for you. Anybody actually trying to clean up the streets becomes bitter.

  23. SayUncle Says:

    He’s willing to spend $1000, yet he only has $500 in his hand.

    It’s Jersey, he took his cut.

  24. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Great job of keeping up the sleight of mind, Mayor Booker! Keep the focus on guns! If we ever focus on gangbangers instead, the consequences to our Marxist gun ban agenda could be catastrophic! What a great commie that mayor is! He must be one of our MAIGers for sure! And what a cool program! Turn in one of your gangbanger neighbors, get $1000 and get killed by his fellow gangbangers! That should really boost the body count we need to drive our gun ban agenda! Ha! Ha! Money well spent!”

  25. TIM Says:

    What Is Wrong With These People Yeah That Sounds Like A Great Program Give Me A Break.I Think My Neighbor Has A Illegal Gun Or Wait Is It A Potatoe Gun Or Wait Is It A Black Powder Gun Or Wait Is It A Spear Gun.

  26. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty well armed, and I have a neighbor that’s, well, an orifice associated with excrement, and guess whose sign he had in his yard in 2008! Damn I’m glad I don’t live in the garden state!

  27. Jerry Says:

    The music at the end of that clip caused me to go back in time. Back to my teenage years, to a time,(sob,sniff), of scrambled Playboy channel…….

  28. Tony Says:

    Actually, this is Newark, so the money will be going to the councilmen’s cousins. There’s a reason they made it anonymous, the city will refuse to respond to any public records request by claiming that the graft recipients are confidential informants.


  29. Ted N Says:

    Fuck NJ.

  30. Jeffersonian Says:

    Nuke NJ.

  31. Ian Argent Says:

    “Cub Scouts as a “paramilitary extremist organization”. – I’ve been known to describe the BSA as a religious paramilitary organtization; and I was one…

  32. Multitude Says:

    Strange how dependent the infantile Blue Staters have become. Here in rural Iowa, the first question I had when we bought our farm property was “Do you shoot?” followed by a line of questioning of what rifles, shotguns and handguns one possessed and was experienced with.

    When the closest law enforcement is a single on-duty sheriff’s deputy usually a half hour to two hours away, you’re a liability and menace to society if you’re a citizen who can’t help be part of a well armed militia.

    I know it’s hard for the dependent class to conceive, but we are able to self police. We don’t have crazy violence and shootings that the “gun free” progressive cities have. We even have lower taxes, pay for our own trash service, and have some of the lowest crime and cleanest lands around. How counterintuitive it seems, that the absence of government and the presence of a responsible, adult citizenry allows for us to live responsibly, peacefully and responsibly in our community and environment.

  33. cbinflux Says:

    So, how will the accountants audit this program, these anonymous cash pickups?? It’s begging for corruption!

  34. Bigfingo Says:

    As if we needed another really good reason to not live in New Jersey.


  35. crosspatch Says:

    Dang communists. They did the same thing in Russia, too.

  36. Tcobb Says:

    I don’t like the application, but
    the concept does have some merit–
    turn in a corrupt politician or
    bureaucrat and get $1000, all of which
    will come out of the “public servants”
    salary or pension.

    I like that thought a lot.

  37. Zain Says:

    It’s OK guys. Just Taxpayer Dollars. There’s more where that came from. why do you guys elect people like that?

  38. Boyd Says:

    “They have a gun, and probably evil hooooollow points!”

    No, No, No – dum dums, just to illustrate total ignorance.

    Thank the Lord for Federalism. I fly an NRA flag on my 25′ flagpole in my neighborhood here in Nevada. The neighbors all want one.

  39. egoist Says:

    Check will probably bounce like Illinois loto ticket payouts. Broke states know no bounds, until their bonds rebound.

  40. The_Basseteer Says:

    Hey, just report everyone… over load the system


    Are you going to also turn people in for owning ROCKS, KNIVES, FORKS, AXES, CHAINSAWS, ICE PICKS, HAMMERS, FISTS, LEGS, CARS, ALCOHOL?

    Alcohol kills more people in the USA every MONTH than guns do in a year. How about BANNING ALCOHOL? Getting Drunk isn’t in the constitution is it? Which amendment grants the right to get wasted? Or own Knives?

    Guns are NOT the problem. There are over 20,000 Gun laws on the books currently and they only work for law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow the laws.

    GUNS ARE NOT BAD! They are inanimate objects that can’t do a single thing unless a HUMAN operates them.

    How about starting to hold criminals accountable and stop punishing the law abiding citizen who has a constitutional RIGHT to Gun Ownership.

    I Own guns. I won ammo. I also Conceal and Open Carry my Gun everyplace I go. IT’S MY RIGHT AS AN AMERICA.


  42. Dustin Says:

    It’s a fundamental right in the constitution to have a weapon.

    It’s a basic human right to be able to protect yourself.

    I realize they really mean ‘illegal guns’, but the message this sends to most folks will be that they better not exercise their basic right in that place. The message is that having a gun is not a right.

    If this guy was asking people to report abortions or flag burning, with ‘illegal’ buried in the middle, it would bring holy hell on the mayor. Yet our gun rights are constantly considered lesser… snicker worthy. That’s a deliberate campaign.

    If you don’t own a gun, buy a gun. Exercise your rights so you don’t lose them.

  43. John Says:

    I think the IRS would be interested in NJ paying people all this money and not issuing a 1099. This is what took down Al Capone, tax evasion.

  44. Akatsukami Says:

    Snitches get stitches. I’d guess that that $1,000 ought to almost cover the co-pay for having your jaw wired and your teeth reimplanted after your homeys figure that you ratted out one of them.

  45. Bram Says:

    egoist – Those checks will clear just fine – it’s my money.

    Out here in rural conservative Northwest NJ, we pay enormous sales and state income taxes. Al those taxes go straight to our corrupt cities.

    Since none of that cash comes back to our police or schools, we also pay huge property taxes. That’s what really pisses me off. Otherwise, I could not care less what happens in Newark.

  46. OliverHevvy Says:

    Da Mayor says you get the $1000 if it results in an arrest, i.e. the person was carrying a gun illegally. Yeah, there’s always a possibility for abuse in a program like this. However, the NRA and I agree that keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons, etc, is a good idea. Every law-abiding citizen should have the right to carry. Every felon should go to prison for so much as touching a gun.

    I don’t have any fundamental problem with this. Do you? What’s wrong with citizens reporting crimes they see being committed?

  47. Mu Says:

    Do you get an armband for your work too?

  48. twency Says:

    OliverHevvy said: “Da Mayor says you get the $1000 if it results in an arrest, i.e. the person was carrying a gun illegally.”

    An arrest does not mean the person was carrying a gun illegally. Only a conviction would demonstrate that.

  49. richard40 Says:

    This could be a great racket. Just buy an illegal gun, plant it on some poor innocent slob, turn him in, and collect 1000. Rinse, repeat. Of course somebody could ruin the racket by turning you in before you plant the gun. No good racket is perfect.

    I wonder if kids get the 1000 if they turn in their parents. If so, why not extend this great concept, so they can turn in their parents for idealogical deviation, and slandering the great leader.

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