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Hybrid shark

At least they’re not flying but apparently there was some inter-species shark on shark action. And it’s of course caused by GLOBAL WARMING!!!!111.

11 Responses to “Hybrid shark”

  1. Sid Says:

    You see, our beloved leader got shark to ignore the color of one’s skin in order to breed peacefully. Is there anything he can’t do.

    Or, you could just blame it all on W.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Warm water sharks decided to breed with cold water sharks because the water is getting….warmer. Hokay, then.

  3. cottonjeff Says:

    This ” hybrid shark ” is much more common than they would have you believe.Fish release their sperm into the water in the vicinity of a female fish. If another fish of that species is in the immediate area they are knocked up. I learned that from Jaque Cousteau in the 1970’s. You do remember this great scientist don’t you ? These global warming IDIOTS are just that . IDIOTS!

  4. wildbill Says:

    That damn George Dubya Bush!

  5. Ellen Says:

    Cottonjeff — you’re right in the majority of cases, but sharks get a lot more personal in their mating habits. If there are little hybrids, they got there the same way as hybrid mammals.

  6. IllTemperedCur Says:

    Meh. Call me when the frickin’ laser-beams-on-their-heads mutation arrives.

  7. Aaron Says:

    I’m waiting for the plug-in sharks, they get better nautical millage.

  8. Ellen Says:

    Insulating the batteries of a plug-in shark from salt water is a pain. Still, the electricity is needed to power the laser.

  9. HL Says:

    When sharks breed with tigers, or worse yet, eagles, I will be concerned. As it stands now, so long as you do battle with a shark on dry land, it really is just a waiting game.

  10. bob in Houston Says:

    So a black tip from one region mated with a black tip from another region and this is proof of Global Warmening?? Jebus, wait til they see my Labradoodle.

  11. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    You’re an idiot.

    That is all.

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