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Well, your legislature asked for it

The ban on open and unloaded carry of handguns went into effect in Cali a couple of days ago. As predicted, the open carry activists have switched to shotguns:

An “open carry” supporter with a shotgun on his back drew some police attention at a Daly City mall Monday morning.

Around 9 a.m., police officers responded to the west side of the Serramonte Shopping Center after they got a report about the man, according to Sgt. Michael Barton of the Daly City Police Department.

Police released the man after they discovered he was in legal possession of the shotgun, which was also unloaded.

I’d expect to see more of this.

35 Responses to “Well, your legislature asked for it”

  1. Stuart the Viking Says:

    So, next they ban carry of shotguns. After that, it will be bows and arrows, then ball bats, then pointy sticks, then rocks, then purses, then…

    Pretty soon, Californians will be walking around naked, carrrying nothing because the California legislature’s war with the Open Carry movement will have taken on a life of it’s own and they will jump to ban whatever the open carry movement claims that they are carrying for self defence that week.

    And still, violent crime will be rampant because it isn’t the tool that causes the crime, it’s the man. Something the Anti will never understand.


  2. Rivrdog Says:

    Stuart, your progression of decline and fall may prove out. That said, toting shotguns around openly isn’t going to change enough minds to stop it. This tactic is a proven failure in Cali, so why in HELL is it being tried again?

    BTW, if any reader is actually going to TRY this tactic, I suggest that when you do, you do your stretching exercises first, so as to have less chance of injury from the inevitable handcuffing, and I suggest that you do it with a really beater shotgun, not your $1500 Benelli, because when the cop says DROP the gun, you will want to actually drop it, and concrete is not kind to shotguns.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    Score one for the good guys..

  4. Cargosquid Says:

    “Pretty soon, Californians will be walking around naked,…..And still, violent crime will be rampant”

    When you ban clothes, only criminals will have clothes!

    But then, that will make them easy to identify. And then we sentence them to hang out with a naked Rosie O’Donnell…..

  5. DirtCrashr Says:

    Hey, we already walk around naked – the weather is PERRFECT!

  6. Robert Says:

    “Hey, we already walk around naked – the weather is PERRFECT!”

    Almost without fail, when I visit CA it rains. Has happened dozens of times.

  7. Bobby Says:

    Haha, yeah the one time I visited Cali. It rained and I got landslided on.

    It may be shitty over here, but at least the ground stays where I left it.

    As for the OC thing, I’m all for some peaceful protest. And when one of these police panic stops goes wrong, we know who wins the court cases.

  8. Kirk Parker Says:

    And when one of these police panic stops goes wrong, we know who wins the court cases.

    The next of kin?

  9. workinwifdakids Says:

    Civil disobedience comes at a high price, but the entire country will be better for the sacrifices that guys like this are willing to make.

    Hell, at least they’re not blowing us down the street with fire hoses and unleashing the dogs on us.

  10. JKB Says:

    Ah, shot-guns ad libitum

    Ad libitum \Ad lib”i*tum\
    At one’s pleasure; as one wishes.

    Of this nature is the constitutional clause that men shall have the freedom of speech, liberty of the press, shot-guns ad libitum, rights to assemble and consult, to emigrate, to sue at law, claim Habeas corpus, have jury trial, and no imprisonment for debt; and bail, and warrants for arrest, and indictments, and freedom from attainder, cruel punishments, and ex post facto laws.

    Don’t worry, they’ll put a stop to that.

  11. Laughingdog Says:

    “Civil disobedience comes at a high price, but the entire country will be better for the sacrifices that guys like this are willing to make.”

    It’s a stupid sacrifice. It’s possible to normalize carrying an openly holstered handgun. But if you fail to normalize that, walking around town with a rifle or shotgun slung over your shoulder will never seem like a normal thing.

    All I see there is the equivalent of the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. It’s like the gunny version of how liberals function: “if handgun OC didn’t work, shotgun OC is sure to convince everyone. Do it again, but harder.”

  12. Lyingdog Says:

    The other two dogs are right. You’ve been beaten, you should just give up. Resistance is futile.

    You gun nuts and your “Constitutional right to bear arms” are just crazy!

  13. Vinny B. Says:

    Republicans love that blacks, women, and gays are the primary victims of gun violence. That is the kind of post-birth abortion they can get behind, because it gets them money from the NRA and kills off people too smart to vote for them.

  14. Lee Reynolds Says:

    It must never be forgotten that the purpose of gun confiscation and disarmament is to leave the citizens of our republic defenseless in the face of the Marxist slave state the leftists behind anti-gun efforts hope and dream of imposing upon us all.

    There are of course trusting fools who genuinely believe that ridding society of the right to keep and bear arms will reduce crime or have some other positive consequence. They’re wrong of course, but that does not make them dishonest or evil, only foolish and gullible.

    An armed society is a free society. Political power comes from the barrel of a gun. There is no such thing as liberty without the individual power to secure and defend it.

  15. Name Required Says:

    I support open carry of hand guns, but open carry of shotguns and rifles is stupidly counterproductive. Even I’d call the cops on seeing that. It invites desensitization to incipient mass murders by the truly insane. All it takes is one of those which could have been stopped by calling the cops upon seeing the nutball carrying in public to well and truly destroy the pro-concealed carry cause.

    Some things should be fought in the courts. Those who parade long arms in public are not helping.

    And RivrDog is quite correct that those who try it are Darwin Award material. When an LEO orders them to “Drop it!”, he is not making a suggestion.

  16. DonM Says:

    Rather, we know that unarmed blacks, women, and gays are the victims of violence and untrained, and we hope to resolve that problem by seeing to it that they are armed and trained.

    Note: A cap and ball .44 revolver does not use metallic cartriges, and may not, for that reason, considered a firearm, where your state defines firearm as using metallic cartriges.

  17. DonM Says:

    Cops open carry all the time. What? you think cops are likely to commit mass murder?

  18. Socratease Says:

    Stuart, baseball bats and pointy sticks are already illegal to walk around with in California. If you’ve got a bat, you’d better have a ball and glove as well or you could be looking at a felony charge.

  19. Steve White Says:

    Vinny B: if blacks, women and gays carried, fewer blacks, women and gays would be subject to violence.

    One of the key points of the KKK’s establishing control in the South after the Civil War was legislation to prevent blacks from carrying weapons. It was done in a variety of ways. The goal was obvious: an unarmed people were easier to terrorize.

    Condi Rice notes that after the Birmingham bombing of 1963, her father (a pastor) and his neighbors quietly, and openly, carried whatever firearms they owned as they stood guard in their neighborhood, just to make sure that the crackers and kluckers understood what would happen if anyone tried to firebomb these homes.

    Now then: don’t you feel stupid?

  20. RKV Says:

    So if someone objected to the fact that you were (insert race) and in a public place, and called the police to eject you, you should just take it?

  21. lrmis Says:

    . . . walking around town with a rifle or shotgun slung over your shoulder will never seem like a normal thing.


    I’ve lived places where it was no big thing. Even at the local diner. Still places that it is no big thing in rural America, though they are becoming increasingly rarer over the years.

    A lot more people now look forward to fall because they can sit around watching football all weekend long rather than anticipating various outdoor hunting seasons; or having harvest complete so they have time to participate in recreational activities rather than work, etc.

    The way people live their lives today is less participatory than it than earlier years.

  22. lrmis Says:

    Wow, I can stutter, even in written comments. Impressive.

  23. Amos Says:

    Vinny B isn’t interested in either history, evidence or logic, Steve.

    In the 20th century, nothing killed more blacks, women and children than Progressive governments. Hell, Afro-Marxist governments favored by Barack Obama’s missing daddy killed off more blacks than the Democrats could muster through their terror network, the Klan.

    (I mean their other terror network, the Klan. Big Union helped keep blacks poor by locking them out of jobs, but they didn’t actually kill (m)any blacks.)

    The only thing that came close was the Spanish Flu.

    Progressive governments cannot shape their citizens to the “collective will” if those citizens can shoot back. We all know that. Vinny B knows that.

    We both know that the NRA was created by Republican Union officers to help blacks defend themselves against Democrats. Vinny B probably knows that, too.

    But that doesn’t interest him. It’s about feelings and self-identity for Progressives. They’re like monkeys. They’ve got enough primate brain to form tribes, but they just don’t use the higher faculties. So it’s no surprise that flinging crap is their modus operadi.

  24. Right Wing Nutter Says:

    The point of the entire open carry thing is to eventually force the unconstitutional suppression of the “bear” part of the “keep and bear arms” clause into SCOTUS. If/when the CA police start confiscating shotguns and arresting people for open carrying them then expect ARs, AKs, and other empty long guns to be carried around. That combined with 2nd Amendment based lawsuits should get the matter before the Federal courts where the CA legislative fools (nearly but not quite redundant) can be forced to obey the law of the land.

  25. rhhardin Says:

    We used to take rifles to school on the school bus, and keep them in our lockers until rifle club met after school.

    There were high school rifle team competitions as well.

    That was when there was a 2nd amendment.

    Hillside, NJ, not in the boonies either.

  26. Ken Says:

    NDAA. All they really need to do is label you a terrorist and hold you detain you indefinitely. Signed into law.

  27. B Dubya Says:

    A thought occurs to me.
    We are all now familiar with the “flash mob” phenomenon. Of course, up to now, it has been exercised obly in the realm of cultural wankiness and urban yoots inspired proto-violence.

    What would happen if, say, in the People’s Republic of California, a flash mob of 10,000 or so folks who wished to demonstrate their regard for the God given right to have and carry firearms showed up in Sacramento one sunny afternoon? Kind of like a Tea Party with guns kind of flash mob. I wonder how many cops would hazard to arrest anyone from that crew?

    It is just a thought, but why not use social media and it’s spinoff capabilities against the folks trying to turn us into a lace even Joe Stalin would enjoy?

  28. Bohemond Says:

    ““Hey, we already walk around naked – the weather is PERRFECT!””

    Maybe down south; around Eureka it mostly sucks.

  29. Blacque Jacques Shellacque Says:

    Don’t worry, the idiots in Sacramento are probably hard at work, looking to fix this little problem as quickly as possible.

  30. Name Required Says:

    B Dubya,

    Now _that_ is how to do open-carry of shotguns and other long-arms. Make it a mass demonstration of some kind (10,000 people is asking way too much- even 10+ people would do provided you get a newsie there), as opposed to individual stuff which mostly shows off “I-am-too-important” issues.

  31. willis Says:

    “and they will jump to ban whatever the open carry movement claims that they are carrying for self defence that week.”

    Hey I always carry a Koran for self-defense!

  32. Wacky Hermit Says:

    You can have my knitting needles when you pry them out of my cold dead fingers.

  33. Mike Mahoney Says:

    Wouldn’t it just be easier for the NRA to try a test case? What are they waiting for now?

  34. jgalter Says:

    Foreseeable consequences are not unintended.

  35. Squid Says:

    100 Tea Party types with long guns showing up in Sacramento would cause the entire Legislature to soil its collective trousers. The local dry cleaners would have a very, very good week.