There are no stupid questions

Just stupid people: Did the robber intend to shoot someone to kill?

It doesn’t matter. If someone is pointing a gun at you, you don’t wait around trying to determine their intent.

9 Responses to “There are no stupid questions”

  1. John Smith. says:

    While we are imagining things the robber was not their to steal but to rape the cat and crucify it… That sounds justifiable…

  2. StanInTexas says:

    And how many stories have we seen of victims that complied 110% with the criminals, only to be beaten, raped, or killed AFTER they complied?

    Sorry, you can always hope for the best, but you had better be prepared for the worst!

  3. MAJ Mike says:

    Getting shot by a victim is an occupatioal hazard for a goblin. Deal with it.

  4. Ruzhyo says:

    Part of why I never understood the “Greedo shot first” campaign from Star Wars. Even my single digit aged self understood watching A New Hope, alien dude pulled a gun, he was threatening deadly force, and got plugged for his troubles.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    It’s too bad I don’t have the AntiGunners Special Telepathic Ability to be able to read a Goblin’s Mind and Intentions.

    Oh wait! The Goblin is pointing a Gun at me, and I’m not on the set of a TV Crime Drama! I guess I DO know what is on his Mind after all!

    J.P. is SOOO DUMB!

  6. Nomen Nescio says:

    @#4, what “greedo shot first” campaign? that’s backwards. it was the Han shot first campaign, because the original theatrical release had it that way; Han Solo figuring out which way the conversation was headed and plugging the (other) bad guy before it got to the plugging going the other way. Lucas changed it for the rerelease so greedo pulled and fired first, to make Han look like more of a PC plays-by-the-rules hero.

    as for real-life bad guys, i can’t read their minds. if they’re willing to attack me and/or burgle my home while i’m in it, i’m going to assume they’re willing to do more as well, because that is often the case and assuming otherwise would mean i’d be taking unnecessary risks. i see no reason to do that. i guess Han Solo didn’t either.

  7. MAJ Mike says:

    The last thing through a goblin’s mind should a .45ACP slug.

  8. IllTemperedCur says:

    A burglar pointing a gun at his victim sounds like a pretty definitive indicator of deadly intent to me.

  9. J.S.Bridges says:

    “Did the robber intend to shoot someone to kill?”


    Next (dumbass) question…