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Before you carry

A good read by Shelley.

4 Responses to “Before you carry”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    So carrying a gun is and “alternative lifestyle”???

  2. Matt Says:

    From reading her pieces in the past, I see that Shelley has been carrying a gun for a shorter time than I’ve owned my current pair of boots. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but if I’m looking for carry advice, I’ll go elsewhere.

    St Paul

  3. Texas Jack 1940 Says:

    Actually John, my decision to carry did change my lifestyle. I buy clothes that help me stay concealed. I pay a LOT more attention to everything around me. I go to the range much more often, both for pistols and for long guns. I went without buying a firearm (I had one 20 Ga., one .22, and one .303) for over twenty-five years before I bought my first pistol. In the six years since then I’ve bought another shotgun, two more pistols, and five more rifles. I’ve also bought well over ten thousand rounds of ammunition, about a third of which I have expended. I have loaded weapons in four different places in my house. I don’t leave home without my carry weapon (XD9 subcompact) and a spare magazine. I pay attention to the law, not just about concealed carry, but everything I do (Texas is serious about who can legally carry). So yes, the decision to carry has very much altered my lifestyle.

  4. mita Says:

    Yes, but Matt, she’s female. And a redhead.
    Don’t you see?

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