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Anonymous Trolls Turn Out To Be From The Brady Campaign

They’re reduced to knuckle dragging, black helicopter insults on gun blogs.

22 Responses to “Anonymous Trolls Turn Out To Be From The Brady Campaign”

  1. McThag Says:

    Every helicopter is black…

    Under the paint…

  2. Old NFO Says:

    That is too funny… 🙂

  3. Lyle Says:

    Nothing new here at all, but it is nice to out them once in a while. Thanks.

  4. Rob Says:

    I have it on good authority that the “black” helicopters are actually a very dark green.

  5. Lyle Says:

    “I have it on good authority that the “black” helicopters are actually a very dark green.”

    Well that changes everything. Hell, now I’ll have to rethink my entire world view. Damn you, Rob!

  6. Kristopher Says:

    Their tears are delicious.

  7. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: All
    RE: Black Helicopters

    Too funny.

    As I’ve actually seen such. And their flat-black coloration is very effective for night-ops. I guess you have to be in the Army to have had that sort of experience. [NOTE: 27 years ‘in harness’. Airborne. Ranger. Mustang. And I’ve associates who say they’ve seen them too.]

    What’s not-so-funny is that the name-calling, e.g., “knuckle-dragger”, effort to dissuade people from accepting what, even at first blush, is simply believable—it’s EASY to paint a helicopter ‘black’. And it’s an effort to make people ignore the very possibility. And it seems to work, amongst the ‘ignorant’ and/or ‘simple-minded’.


    [Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to ‘get you’.]

  8. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. As for the allegation that ‘Anonymous’ is for gun-control, I’m going to need some more ‘indicators’.
    But this is a good start of such a collection.

    [Information is where you find it. The problem is its (1)accuracy and (2) the reliability of the sources.]

  9. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    That’s it? That’s all the Bradys have left?

    Even the dumbest man in the history of Indiana politics, Paul Helmke, could do better than that.

  10. MAJ Mike Says:

    My knuckles do not drag the ground and my forehead is quite high without any slope. I’m as paranoid as James Madison and John Adams. I’m as well armed as Daniel Morgan.

    Except for the Kar98 (Russia Capture), Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile killed more people than any of my firearms.

    Governments prefer to deal with unarmed peasants. I will not submit. I will misbehave.

  11. Richard mcenroe Says:

    Here in LA we regularly see unmarked Grey hekicopters overhead, Chinooks, Cobras, Hueys, Blackhawks, even on a CH-53. People say they’re movie props BUT WE KNOW BETTER. In Los Angeles, grey is the new black.

  12. Rob Crawford Says:

    Chuck, I think you’re confusing anonymity with the script-kiddy brats who call their hive mind “Anonymous”.

  13. Dougger Says:

    I’ve not only seen them, I have ridden in them as a civilian tech rep (supporting the FLIR).
    I can assure you they are indeed black.

    They are used by the US Army, so not much danger of the Justice Department getting hold of them to use for gun confiscations.

  14. TomB Says:

    All helicopters are not black. Those who say so obviously never watched Magnum PI

  15. CarlS Says:

    I’m out of touch with “chopper world”, but the “covert” airplanes I rode in were stripped of all paint, including logos and warning signs.

    Funny, that. Bright aluminum is hard to hide. Still, deniability, don’t ya know.

  16. styrgwillidar Says:

    “They are used by the US Army, so not much danger of the Justice Department getting hold of them to use for gun confiscations.”

    Nah, but they may borrow them to do some deliveries down south…

  17. Ed Says:

    Hate to have to say this, but I trust the US Army as much as I trust the president it works for. Sorry about that.

  18. Micha Elyi Says:

    So Chuck Pelto put the fright into Ross “Black Helicopters” Perot, eh?

  19. Mr. E. Says:

    What’s the UAV equivalent of a Black Helicopter?

  20. chris Says:

    I don’t worry about the helicopters too much anymore.

    These days I worry about Predator drones.

  21. SurferDoc Says:

    We were camping South of Death Valley. About 8AM two black helicopters passed overhead as we were hiking up a canyon. I pointed them out to my wife, Miss August, who offered, “Maybe they are flying to the place where they paint the numbers on them.”

  22. Mopar Says:

    Those black, unmarked helicopters are common where I live. ‘Course it might have something to do with living down the road from where they are built…………..