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Making the switch

I’ve decided to pull the trigger on my conversion back to 9mm. As part of that, I’m going to switch to a Glock 26. This means that I no longer need the Glock 30. Anyone want to trade? I’m getting out of the whole rig and will replace it with a comparable rig for a Glock 26 and may consider a S&W M&P Compact. What I have:

A Glock 30 with a custom trigger job done by me.

One CompTac Minotaur holster.

One Galco Ultimate Second holster, also tuckable. I happen to love this holster and will be getting a replacement. But now, the call it the Tuck N Go.

One Galco mag carrier.

Four 10 round magazines.

Four 13 round magazines (aka for G21). When I carry this, I carry a 10 rounder in the gun and two 13 rounders in the carriers.

I figure, at retail, the whole set up is worth just shy of nine bills. I’ll let it go for $750 or a trade for a G26 or M&P Compact 9mm. Locals preferred, email me at if interested.

29 Responses to “Making the switch”

  1. Mike V. Says:

    I’m pretty sure the holster (and probably the mag carriers too) will work with a 26. Not sure about the Galco but my model 55 Sparks for a G23 works great with my M&P9c.

  2. Freiheit Says:

    Unc – Where is local?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    East Tennessee.

  4. hardc0rps Says:

    That’s the right move, though double stacks are harder to carry IWB than 1911s. I have the olive drab lower, it’s tacticool. Oh and get a 15rnd mag for your reload mag.

  5. Bryan S. Says:

    Im doing the same thing…. but starting with a G22. Would love to trade it with an equivalent gen 3 G17 with metroprolight sites.

  6. TomcatTCH Says:

    I just picked up a second G30. Even have a 26 I could trade for. Doh.

  7. Les Jones Says:

    That G30 is one sweet shooter.

  8. kirkosaurus Says:

    Love my Glock 26. Stock 10 round mags for CC and a G19 mag with extension for OC.

  9. Beaumont Says:

    I have reservations about the Tuck N Go; seems to me that any pistol with a squared-off trigger guard could fold the soft leather down into the guard. For pistols without a manual safety, that’s a potential kB, esp. bad considering where the muzzle is pointed w/the holster in a typical IWB carry position. Maybe my imagination is overactive, but I stopped using mine.

  10. Laughingdog Says:

    A G26 will not fit into a G21/G30 holster. The slide on the .45 is wider than the slide on the 9mm/.40 Glock slide.

    You know, if that was a G21 you were looking to sell, I would have definitely been interested. The idea of using a G21 to shoot CDP, and subsequently pissing off all the 1911 purists solely through my choice of firearm, is really appealing.

    Yes, I’m an asshole sometimes. But I’m comfortable with that.

  11. Mike Says:

    The M&P 9C works amazingly well for me, I’ll be interested to know whether you end up with it.

  12. Chub urban Says:

    Minotaur kydex shell can be swapped out for appropriate replacement shell for about 40 bucks.

  13. Chiburbian Says:

    Darn autocorrect mangled my handle. πŸ™‚

  14. AuricTech Says:


    Autocorrect was simply reflecting a natural reaction to seeing that rig. πŸ˜‰

  15. Mike Puckett Says:

    You know, a Glock 19 is not hard to conceal, I carry one almost daily. I use a Raven Phantom for a holster.

  16. Orion Says:

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the Tactical Tupperware (i.e. Glocks), nor of 9mm – I’ve read way too many stories of multiple 9mm hits failing to stop everything from al Queda fighters to a medium sized dog (here in Keizer, an officer hit a Lab-sized mutt 3 times, 2 center mass, once in the hip) and the shooter having to fall back on pistol-whipping the assailant. To be fair, the dog did lose the leg from the hip-strike. πŸ™‚

    Your mileage may vary, of course – I’m the first to admit I’m a .45ACP elitist. πŸ˜€

    Enjoy the new rig and I look forward to your reports on the new sidearm!

    Merry Christmas to y’all…


  17. Orion Says:

    *DOH* Forgot to ask – why the switch? (my daily carry is a Kimber Pro Carry and I can’t imagine swapping to anything else)


  18. Mike V. Says:

    BTW, welcome back from the dark side.

  19. Mike Puckett Says:

    There is very little recorded difference in effectiveness between major service handgun calibers when modern hollopoints like Speer Gold Dots are used. The NYPD has had excellent results from the 124gr +p Gold Dot loading. The 9mm is more shootable and provides a much larger mag capacity.

    The Army is restricted to ball ammo and some PD’s issue garbage ammo. I am bound by neither restriction.

  20. ChrisP Says:

    Hey Unc, care to comment on Beaumont’s reservation on the Galco holster? I’ve been considering the same setup. Thanks.

  21. Orion Says:

    @Mike – Too true – everything I’ve found shows a difference of a percentage point or two and perhaps a second and a half of ATI between the two (the .45ACP being slightly superior, but the 9mm having considerably more ammo and lower recoil allowing more shots center-mass in a given time), and as we all know, the best caliber is the one you carry all the time – the .22 in your hand is CONSIDERABLY more effective when you need it than the .50 Desert Eagle in your gun safe back home…:D

    As I said, I’m an elitist. πŸ˜›


  22. Charlie Says:

    I’m not going to argue calibers, other than to say I think you’re making a good move.

    A while back I found myself with a .45, a pair of 9s, two .357s, a .380, a .32, two .25s. and a .22 (all pistols!). I looked in my ammo cabinet and asked myself; “WTF am I doing stocking 8 calibers of pistol ammo (.357 and .38 count as two)? SHTF none of this stuff is getting out of the house!”. So I dumped everything except the 9s, the .357s and the .22. The rifles and shotguns were a similar mess, so I did the same thing (except I kept the .410 and the antiques).

    These days I shoot 12 ga, .410, 7.62X51, 9mm, .38/.357 and .22. That’s plenty of ammo to worry about keeping in stock, and my ammo cabinet is a lot neater.

    Can’t find it? Can’t use it!


  23. Mike Puckett Says:

    DEagle? If I get to wish for whats in my safe, it is going to be a long gun!

  24. Mike Puckett Says:

    That said, the 19 is what goes with me. It is a good compromise between a full-sized service pistol and a sub-compact. It is still very shootable with a 15 round capacity.

    That said, When I ran into a mama and her cubs twice noless this hiking season, I wished for my G-20 10mm fullsize both times, the 19 is what I had. Thank God she was a reasonable Bear and did not do anything to force my hand.

  25. Robert Says:

    @ Mike “I am bound by neither restriction.”

    Guess you don’t live in Jersey then.

  26. Val Says:

    Mike Puckett – imagine every potential assailant to be a 280lb defensive lineman that could run a 4.5 40… What caliber pistol (if it had to be a handgun) would you carry? I suspect something in the .44 mag range or bigger wouldn’t be out the question. A bear (even a small one) would shred that NFL guy without a sweat, so if you expect needing to use deadly force against one, 9mm or 10mm is way too little assurance. I might suggest pepperspray, btw, which is probably more effective against an animal of that power than small caliber handguns.

  27. Mike Puckett Says:

    These are Black Bears, not Griz. 10mm is PLENTY without a stout load like something from double-tap. a 200gr hard cast is going to break bones.

    2 10mm rounds can easily be launched in less time than one 44 mag from a revolver, mabey three.

  28. Mike Puckett Says:

    should say……PLENTY with….

  29. Mike Puckett Says:

    “Guess you don’t live in Jersey then.”

    Montani Semper Libre.

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